Monday, 30 April 2012

New Partnership with Sauber F1 team


       This news here actually surprised me now. I was in the middle of studying when I saw this news that quite surprised me. I have never been that much of  fan of Formula 1, but I do know the races and I have been to 1 of the race, the one in Singapore last year. But I did not expect a partnership between two forces of internationally recognized sports. This had never happened before. Although I can't comment much of this, I can tell that the purpose is solely business-wise. 
       Well this may change my perspective of F1 a bit here. My dad watches F1 all the time, and because of that I do know bits and pieces of F1, and I have had several drivers to cheer, namely Fernando Alonso (not Torres), and Kimi Raikonnen. Well this link up may well change my view, and I may as well support Sauber drivers, Perez & Kobayashi from now on (lol). At the moment they are 9th and 12th respectively in the championship. But let us wish the best of luck for them, and for us too till the end of the season. 

       Oh and by the way, if you watch F1 next time, perhaps you will spot CFC crest in the cars of the Sauber team. I'll watch the next race! Cheers! :) #CFC

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Chelsea 6 - 1 QPR: Torres' first Hat-trick for Chelsea!

29 April 2012 10.27 pm GMT+8

Link for Highlight:

EPL - Chelsea vs QPR, Fernando Torres
       There are several things in my mind that would have caught the headlines. The fact that Chelsea win their first London Derby this season in a 7 goal thriller game, the fact that our first goal came in the 46th second, but nothing could have made Chelsea fan's smile more than Torres' first hat-trick for the Blues!

       4 goals in 24 minutes may prove to have crushed QPR's spirit and convinced the Blues with a comfortable victory in this London Derby. The first 24 was a fast-paced one and the spirit we showed was remarkable. After that the tempo slowed as neither team had any urgency to score again. But in the second half, Torres' third goal really brings up the crowd at the Bridge. Certainly going to be in the headline, and something to cherish for the whole club, fans, and especially Abramovich (he was joyful after the hat-trick).

       Many expected a tight derby, after we played Barcelona FC in midweek and secured a place in the UCL final. However, this game was so much the opposite of the game in Camp Nou. We had 62% possession and 18 attempts, with 6 on target. We played a totally attacking game in contrast to the defensive one we played in midweek.

       Man of the match, Fernando Torres, scored a wonderful hat-trick. He was very sharp throughout the game, his touches were brilliant. Certainly looked back to his best. He deserved the man of the match, and his hat-trick. Sturridge showed no notable performance, besides his amazing strike in the first minute. Essien still looking to perform to his best, especially after his long-term injury. Cech was rarely busy, but made a great save when he had to (guess that's what makes a top-class goalkeeper). Bosingwa played in unfamiliar center-half position, but performed well.

       It was another great night for CFC fans. A night to remember where Torres scored his first hat-trick. This 6 - 1 demolition of QPR will keep our momentum going, and strengthen our chances to finish fourth, as well as Di Matteo's chances to be permanent manager. Results in Saturday have all gone our way, with Newcastle losing, and Arsenal held to a draw. A perfect weekend it will be if Tottenham is held against Rovers at White Hart Lane. But this is certainly a great performance once again from the team, and from our No 9, Fernando Torres, especially.
Expect to see his name in the headlines! Go Go Go Blues!! #CFC


Saturday, 28 April 2012

New boys evaluated + New signing confirmed + Video


        This is just a link I want to share with all of you. It is about assessing the performance and character of our new signings this season. And it's quite fun the way it's told, as the analysis evaluation in assumed to be as students in a university. Assuming CFC as an institution, the managers as headmasters, and the players as students, the evaluation is really apt as far as I read. Hope you like it! :) 


       I updated this post because there's another news I would like to share. We have a new signing for next summer in Marko Marin, from Werder Bremen. He is a 23 year old midfielder. I don't really know much about him so I am unable to give comments right now. But let us just wish the best of luck for him next season, and hopefully he can help improve our squad in a great way! :D

Video Link:

       A video I found in Youtube showing Marin's goals & assists during his time at Werder Bremen. Certainly a great technical player with excellent creativity. Similar to the likes of Mata, but he seem to have also tremendous running speed, possibly going to play on the wing. Left wing is my prediction. Hopefully he will be a great player in our club and help us win more trophies certainly.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Recap of some big news this week...

27 April 2012 16.42 GMT+8

UCL Final: Bayern Munich vs Chelsea FC

On Wednesday (25/4), Bayern Munich eliminated Real Madrid CF on penalties to go through to the UCL final. It was an evenly match with the aggregate score 3 - 3, which brings the game to penalties, where the german side edge out the spanish team by 3 - 1. Bayern will play as home side, in their home ground, against Chelsea on the 19th of May in the Allianz Arena. With some important players suspended in both sides, the managers will have to plan big to come out with a winning formula, but it promises to be a thrilling encounter.

Mourinho wants Chelsea to win

This news actually made me smile the first time I read it. Ex-Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, whos Real Madrid team got eliminated in the semi-final, hoped for Chelsea to win. The RM boss stated that he still loves Inter & Chelsea, and that both teams mean a lot to him. So, it's not hard to believe that he wanted Chelsea to win. Let us hope his wish will come true.
He also defended Chelsea's defensive game against Barcelona.
He said, "They know nothing about character and personality. They know nothing about the effort or what it is to resist physically, emotionally, and technically, with 10 men. They know nothing about organisation. They know nothing." 

JT allowed to lift the trophy

The blues captain got suspended for the UCL final because of his red card in the semifinal match in Nou Camp. It was a rather foolish action, but I am not going to speak about it. I have great respect for him. So, this leaves him, and a couple of important first team players, namely Ramires, Ivanovic, and Meireles out of the final in Munich. However, they are only not allowed to be in the bench, and as UEFA rules stated, the players will still be able to recieve the medals & join the celebration in lifting the trophy. So, JT will still be able to lift the trophy for the team. And I guess after all he's done, he does deserve to do so. Let us hope that we can see him and all the players lift it on the 19th of May.

No Handshake in West London derby this Sunday

Our Sunday premier league fixture this week is a west London derby where we host QPR, a relegation-battling side. However, this is no ordinary side, as the reverse fixture this season brings out an issue, which again is on our captain. A case of JT racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. Although personally, I don't think our captain would act so, as he is a great man and have great respect to all players. Nevertheless, as it had been in the FA cup encounter between these 2 sides, the Premier League have omitted the pre-match ritual for this Sunday's game.

I will only post important news regarding Chelsea, and even that I am not sure yet how often can I update the news. It won't be a scheduled post.
And I may put some of my opinions in the news description above.
Cheers! :)

A word to viewers...

First of all I would like to thank everyone who have viewed my post, and hopefully, will continue to do so.

I am just starting with this blog, so it has nothing special yet. I will continue to update routinely, and improve the layout, etc in my spare time. I have just finished examination though, so I should be able to come up with something new in a few days.

As I said in the 'About Me' section, I created this blog to channel my hobby in football & writing. Although it will be biased in my own view as a Chelsea fan. But no hard feelings to readers. If anyone feel offended, just send me an e-mail.

As I normally update status in Facebook after every Chelsea match to write down my opinions, I will now turn to this blog to do so. I plan to, if possible, write new posts after every match that I watch, to give my feelings & reactions about the match. And I may post some other thoughts I have about everything else regarding football.

My first post, which was about the Barcelona vs Chelsea semifinal game, was the most memorable moment I have so far as a Chelsea fan. That was the trigger that urged me to begin this blog. I have many things in my heart I would like to express, and so I did. So expect to see more in the future, although it won't be as emotional as my first post.

Lastly, just wanted to say thank you again to everyone. Do post a comment if you have anything in mind. And share to others if you like it. Good Day!! :)

A great song here for Chelsea fans:

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My most historic night in CFC life...

25 April 2012  05.16 AM GMT+8

Barcelona 2 - 2 Chelsea (2 - 3 on aggregate)

       This night may be my most historically, wonderful, and joyful night of my life as a Chelsea fan.
I screamed in my room, and I nearly shed tears. At this very moment, I cannot be any prouder to be a blue, cannot be any prouder with my team, my club, Chelsea FC.

       Here is the situation. We are 6th place in the league, and we're up against, what most people would say, the best team in the history of club football, Barcelona FC in the Champions League Semifinal. So, even before the game started, nobody expected us to come through. Then, in the game, we lost Gary Cahill due to injury, and then, we lost our captain, John Terry, because of a red card. We were down to 10 men, with no central defenders at all, as David Luiz is injured as well. The situation couldn't have been any worse, right? But then, we were 2 - 0 down in quick succession.

       At this point, even league champions would have given up. But then, with a spirited counter attack, Ramires scored a goal to make it 2 - 1 (2 - 2 agg). And with a long 2nd half to deal with, we managed to hang on to this for another 45 minutes, before Fernando Torres scored a goal in the final minutes to clinch the game once and for all.

Conclusion: 10 men Chelsea, 6th place in the league, with no central defenders, no captain, against the best team in the world, and we won!!

         I got to admit even I was half-hearted when we were down. But as time went, our team showed great commitment & spirit, which along the way lifted up my belief higher and higher. And here we are, Chelsea are through to the Champions League Final, and I cannot praise them enough for what they have shown.

        If you analyse the statistics, no one would have believed we won. We had less than a-third of possession, less than a-third of the shot attempts, and yet we won. We were resilient in defense and amazing with the counter attacks (which all our goals came from). The fact that Lionel Messi, until now, never score against Chelsea is quite funny, with him missing the penalty, and several other chances. Then, the perfect clinch was there with Fernando Torres scoring the goal, proving his 50 million pounds worth. Luck was with us throughout the whole game definitely, as most of the game are played in our half.

       This memorable game, has been represented in many stories & movies before. The likes of David vs Goliath, or movies such as the Alamo, Real Steel, and many others. We were underdogs the whole time, defending for nearly the whole 90 minutes, resisting their attacks again and again and again. Our defense were very resilient, and then when the chance came to counter attack, we converted them to a goal. This seemed a very similar story to those in movies, surviving enemy attacks, and attacking them when the opportunity comes, hitting them at their weakest.

       I got to say something about Barcelona though. They did bring up a great, great challenge for us, which was, well, great! But they, in many cases, turn up in heating encounters, where many cards were flashed out by the referee. The tension between these 2 sides, especially after the controversial game 3 years back, has never been greater. But respect to them who played excellent, and respect especially, that they in turn have shown to us they are still humans after all. Both sides traded handshakes with one another after the game, which shows great character both in victory & defeat.

       My utmost respect goes to current interim manager, Roberto Di Matteo. He may well have been the best interim manager in history, and should be Chelsea's permanent manager. His tactics may not be as great as the Special One, Mourinho. I don't how he does it, but he manages to get the best out of every player, brings up the best spirit & commitment from every player. And every player likes him, and he still is able to rotate the team well, and produce marvellous result, losing only once from his first 15 games. This is such a remarkable feat. Thanks to him, we recovered from the defeat at Napoli, and push through all the way, and here we are, in the Champions League Final.

       He is a true blue in and out. Chelsea FC is in his blood. He was a great player during his playing career in Chelsea, and now he seeks to write more history as he become Chelsea's manager. Let us hope he can bring in more trophies to Stamford Bridge in the years to come. 

       But as of this night, I cannot be any prouder of Chelsea FC, the whole team, the manager, the club, and all the fans around the world. My heart is with Chelsea FC. #CFC

"On a personal note of course I am disappointed to miss the final but believe me it is what this football club deserves." - John Terry
"We achieved something incredible tonight and when it’s the right time we’ll think about the final." - Roberto Di Matteo

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