Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Goodbye Didier...

22 May 2012 21.27 GMT+7

       This news to me is kind of shocking, but not unexpected. I guess we all feel this was coming, having seen things in recent events. But this in a sense will be perhaps the greatest end to a footballer's career ever. His last kick for the club is the one that wins us our historical win. He will be remembered as a Chelsea legend.

       After 8 seasons at the Bridge, he have won himself 3 Premier League medals, 4 FA cup, 2 Carling Cup, and with his magical touch in the final, the UEFA Champions League. He is also Chelsea's 4th all-time top scorer. He has made many important goals, including and especially those that come this season, namely goals against Tottenham (FA cup semi), Liverpool (FA cup final), Barcelona (UCL semi), and of course, Bayern Munich (UCL final).

       The whole club and the fans, including me, will want to thank Didier for his services at Stamford Bridge. He has been a wonderful player, and perhaps one of the best strikers the Premier League have ever seen. He have proven himself many times before, and I have never seen any other striker with the strength, speed, skill, and character like him. He will come down as a Chelsea legend for sure.

       To think about it again, it is kind of a good thing to end his season here, on a high. His last kick for the club is perhaps his most important ever, and I cannot see any other player ending it like this. And the fact that Fernando is supposedly troubled by his presence, maybe it's time for our no 9 to take over.

       Once again, the whole club and the fans will miss his presence. But then again it's time to move on. We would like to thank him once again, and wish him the best of luck wherever he go in the future. He will always be welcomed at the Bridge anytime, maybe even as a hero. He is....indeed...my hero!! Farewell DD...


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Links of Champions League Glory...

       There are so many links I would like to share regarding our Champions League glory, including and especially, the words of the players and the manager himself. There are also some inputs from external parties which I posted because they made us proud. But most importantly I love to see the comments from the likes of JT, Drogba, and also our very own manager, Roberto Di Matteo. Do read some if you have time. Cheers! #CFC


Bayern 1 (3) - 1 (4) Chelsea: We are King of Europe now!!!!

20 May 2012 06.10 GMT+7

       Still I cannot hold back the joy that had been awaited by all Chelsea fans around the world for years now. It still, in a way, felt like a dream for me. We are, finally, Champions of Europe!!

       This turns out to be a perfect season after all. Winning the Champions League...finishing 6th doesn't seem to matter anymore. Plus, we got the FA cup too. It feels like that we are built for big games like these. 
       We made incredible, marvelous turnarounds at every moment possible. At this game, trailing 1 - 0 in the 82nd minute was not good, but then Drogba (who else?) equalised just when we needed it. Then, the penalty save that Cech made in extra time. To hell with that, who'd expect another turnaround in the penalty shoot-out?? Well, I guess now Chelsea fans will...

       During the whole match I watched, it does bring a familiar feeling to the match against Barca, check the statistics if you have too. When the goal went in at the 82nd minute, I thought, "Well, maybe we only last 82 minutes this time". But no, Drogba gave us a sensational comeback, and a light of hope. And that light proved to be as bright as it can be. 

       A surprise start for Bertrand. A UCL debut in the final, and winning it too. Key players for the match is Didier and also Cech. Didier was sensational at every time we needed him to. And Cech, lots of marvelous penalty saves. Lampard lead the team well tonight. The back four was, surprisingly, solid. Mikel was also performing great, too. Torres among them, he created the corner leading to Didi's goal. Guess what, Liverpool fans who had been abusing him all the time, he won a Champions League medal! :D (Sorry if this is a bit offensive, had to share my thoughts and defend my hero...)

       Oh and by the way, it is Petr Cech's birthday soon. So Happy Birthday! And you thoroughly deserve every bit of the victory...have a blast!! :D

        Abramovich finally got his Holy Grail. And the biggest credit, has to got to none other, than Roberto Di Matteo. I do not know how he did it all these time, but he certainly deserved every bit of this, and obviously deserve the job as permanent manager. From being fired as West Brom manager, who'd expect him to win the Champions League the season after...

       The fact that we win in penalty shootout certainly overshadows our lost in 2008, which had to be one of our worst memories. Now, it all can be forgotten, as a new dawn arises in the horizon. For years and years we have fought, and finally, in 2012, we, Chelsea FC, are the Champions of Europe!!! #CFC


Monday, 14 May 2012

Best Ending to a BPL season ever!!!

14 May 2012 23.44 GMT+7


       I still cannot believe what I just saw. A title changing hands from one to another in the final 2 minutes of the whole season....An extraordinarily dramatic end to a season...

       Although I am not as emotional as when Chelsea defeated Barca, I am still stunned by what just happened. When the game at Stadium of Light ended, all in that stadium seem to be just waiting...but then a goal by Sergio Aguero in the 94th minute changed everything. This is by far the most dramatic end to a season ever. Never before has a title been won in the stoppage time of the last game.

       Even after 90 minutes, City are in a losing position. 2 goals in the stoppage time won them the title. Besides, this title is won by goal difference. This is indeed, as I have said hundreds of times before, the most dramatic ending ever...

       Congratulations to Manchester City who have proven their worth as English Champions. And to Roberto Mancini, the whole team, and the fans too. Great last minute strike by Aguero, and also Dzeko. Balotelli, and Tevez definitely also proved their worth. To Joe Hart, one of the best goalkeepers, Vincent Kompany, their captain. Samir Nasri who may have had a last laugh to Arsenal.

       Next season, in my opinion, will most likely be a tougher season, a tighter one. With the likes of City, Hotspurs, Liverpool, Newcastle all possibly challenging for the title (top four at least), with the lower teams proving their worth time and time again, the likes of Wigan, Norwich, QPR, and Swansea too. I guarantee the BPL will get even more tight.

       Congratulations again to the Citizens. This is, hopefully I'll say this for the last time, the most dramatic ending to a BPL season ever!!

Note: I did not watch the Chelsea game today. But I know that neither us nor our opposition have any urgency left in the game. A win is a boost in confidence. Playing our young players is also a good move to give them chances to play top division football. Hopefully we can bring something much much more emotional on the 19th of May!! #CFC


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Liverpool 4 - 1 Chelsea: Revenge of the Reds??

09 May 2012 04.58 GMT+8

       If I was ensured that Chelsea will only win once against Liverpool I'd be glad it's the FA cup final tie. Nevertheless I didn't expect them to win this game today, nor will the whole club. RDM made eight changes, leaving Cech, Mikel, Meireles, and Drogba out entirely, with Mata, Lampard, Cole all on the bench, neither being played. This side that played actually looked very similar to the one that fought Newcastle last week.

       The first half was definitely one of the worst halves I have watched them play. Our defence was totally unorganised. Terry made lots of mistakes. Although Iva & Torres had great chances (both hit the bar), the home side kept attacking and managed to put in three into our net, and that was with a penalty miss by Downing. Certainly one of the halves I do not want to remember. 

       The second half was slightly better. Our defence became more organised. I felt better especially after Rami's goal, but Shelvey managed to score another due to a mistake, again in the defence. The game basically turned static after that, with no urgency shown by both sides in the remaining time. Credit to Carroll who earned the man of the match too.

       I did not expect us to win, but neither do I expect us being thrashed 4 - 1. This confirms that we will finish the season in 6th place in the league, while Tottenham, Arsenal, and Newcastle still fighting for 3rd & 4th, and all to play for the Manchester clubs, the last game being so crucial to the win the title.

       So, all that remains will the UCL final in Munich. Winning said match will be a perfect season for us. Until then, the last premier league match will be of no urgency for us. But let us just hope that RDM, either way, can bring us with the right build-up to the game in Munich, most likely resting several other players next Sunday. I can only keep my fingers crossed that on the 19th of May, RDM can again pull off another magic for us! #CFC


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Chelsea 2 - 1 Liverpool: The FA Cup is Blue Again!!

6 May 2012 02.36 GMT+8


Chelsea hold off Liverpool to win FA Cup

       There is just too much joy in my mind right now. But the most significant comes from the "Blue is the Color" song being played when my favorite bunch of players are lifting up the FA cup all around New Wembley. My exams are over and I've just watched 'The Avengers' (which is a great movie by the way), but seeing CFC winning the FA cup for the 4th time in 6 years is just too much to stop me smiling.

       Honestly, it was not exactly the breathtaking match that I expected, but the tension was there, the feel was there. And 2 great strikes by 2 great players, and a great save by a great goalkeeper brings us a domestic silverware for this season. King of Wembley, Didier Drogba scored again. A great strike with his left foot. Man of the Match, Mata, was excellent throughout the game. Ramires' pace gifts us a goal for the opener yet again. And credit to Carroll who scored a great goal, and lifted Liverpool's game for the final half hour.

       We were playing as we were in the first hour, which was where I found our team deserving to win this silverware. But the Carroll really gave me a shock, and it really changed the course of the game. There was another goal-line controversy, but I think that the ref made a good call this time. It was a top-class save by Cech too.

       There is just too much joy in me right now and too little story of the game to tell. But certainly this is a great night for CFC yet again. So Torres gets to lift a trophy after all, and so do new boys Mata, Meireles, Ramires, and others. It's a 7th for Ash though. So many record being broken. And also Drogba being the first to score in four FA cup finals. It was great to see the likes of Terry, Lampard & Drogba up there being the first to lift the trophy. For nearly a decade now, it has been them all along. JT, Lamps, Drog, and Cech too. They have been winning trophies for Chelsea. Personally for me, they are like my heroes (especially Lampard, my first hero!).  

       Nevertheless, it was a great win for the whole team, all from the seniors to the new boys, the manager, the club, and the whole fans, including me. Hopefully we can also win the UCL to make it a perfect season. But this night is already good enough for me to feel proud yet again of my team Chelsea!! Blue is our Colour!! #CFC

TIPS: For those of you who have access to Chelsea TV, do watch from there after winning trophies next time. You can see their celebrations inside the dressing rooms, etc. It was a lot of fun!!


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chelsea 0 - 2 Newcastle: 4th place hopes vanished

03 May 2012 04.46 GMT+8
EPL: Papiss Cisse - Branislav Ivanovic - John Terry, Chelsea v Newcastle United

       A bad, bad day for all Chelsea fans. Certainly all of us will be feeling the blues right now. Two absolutely stunning goals practically ended our hopes for 4th place. This is our first home defeat under RDM. And it certainly didn't come at the right time. It was a very crucial game, and now our hopes of finishing fourth basically vanished.

       The first half was a very bad game for us. I believe somehow that RDM made a mistake tactically. No creativity from the middle, no powerful runs from the sides. Only Torres, as far as I'm concerned, showed immense work rate and determination, and skill too. But there was no support anywhere else. Then came the goal in the 19th minute which was a stunning left-foot strike. I was left watching the remaining of the half with a frowny face.

       Unfortunately that had to continue until, well, now. The second half was practically the reverse of what happened in the UCL semifinal. We were attacking all the time, having more possession, unable to find goals. The introduction of Mata, Drogba, and Lampard strengthen our team more and more. Unfortunately we can't find the goal, and the 90th minute absolute stunner from Cisse basically ended the tie (similar to the Torres goal at Nou Camp).

       I somehow felt that it was kind of a tactical mistake by RDM. If we had started with Lampard and Mata, we may have got the game in our hands. The way they changed the dynamic of the game in the 2nd half was brilliant. I was never disappointed with Torres, Mata, and Lampard. But the likes of Sturridge, Meireles somehow dissapointed me. I don't know if RDM was really looking to rest players for the FA cup final, but this certainly wasn't how he planned it to be.

       So, our fourth place hopes, via the premier league, practically vanished. Now the remaining important games will be both finals to come. I was certainly pleased by how RDM turned the situation for the team recently. But as it stands, I fear, there is a chance for us to not win anything. In other words, if we lose in both finals, then we have nothing to celebrate for. And it may well be the end for RDM too.

       I honestly do not want to share this grief I feel with you readers. But as I have dedicated to CFC, I will have to share my thoughts and feelings as much as I can, unless there are some obstacles, etc. Anyway, let us hope that, as Newcastle bounced back from a crushing 4 - 0 defeat against WIgan, we may as well bounce back to win the FA cup final this Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed, and hope for the best!! #CFC