Monday, 31 December 2012

Everton 1 - 2 Chelsea: A Win to End 2012

Sunday, 30-12-12 22.52 GMT+7

Everton v Chelsea

          Some end of the year this is for the blues. We are now in a 4 successive premier league wins following the comeback at Goodison Park. It was not a magnificent win, but the Blues once again showed character in coming from behind, albeit with some luck yet again.

          After only 63 seconds, we conceded a rather unsettling goal scored by Steven Pienaar, and the minutes the followed wasn't very comforting either, we were struggling to get going, while having to survive several waves of attack by the home side. But as the game went on, we found our foot in the game and finally Lampard scored a fine header to equalise just before the interval.

          The second half wasn't that much different. Both sides had chances, and although the Blues seemed the more likely team to win, we needed luck again as Jelavic's header hit the bar once again. And the man to bring us all 3 points was none other than Frank Lampard himself, combined with some fine effort from Mata & Hazard. 

          It was good to end the year with a win on the back of 4 successive victories, and although the game today wasn't all beautiful and majestic, but the players once again showed character to keep going and work together to come from behind. And while Everton are in good form, this is definitely a good win, and a much needed one considering that both Manchester clubs won yesterday and we needed to keep up. So it was a good end for the year, and we will come to 2013 with the hopes of winning the title still alive. #CFC


Monday, 24 December 2012

Chelsea 8 - 0 Aston Villa: We're back!!!

Monday 24-12-2012 01.11 GMT+7

Frank Lampard after scoring against Aston Villa

          Jetlag? What jetlag?? 13 goals in 2 games right after a trip from the far east, the Blues are reminding premier league clubs that we are back, and that we are hungry for glory. That is the message Chelsea brought after the 8 - 0 thrashing of Aston Villa.

          There was a slight change in the line-up, as David Luiz played in midfield for the first time in the league, alongside Lampard, who played his 500th premier league game of his career. The first half went off brilliantly as a confident Fernando Torres scored a powerful header after just 2.5 minutes played. David Luiz scored a second with his brilliant dropshot free kick, before Ivanovic made it three as we went into the interval with a 3 - 0 lead.

          What more can you expect from the second half, if not more goals? And that is exactly what we saw, and more. Five goals followed, as 3 brazilians (in Ramires, Oscar, and Piazon) all entered the fray and enjoyed some football too. Frank Lampard made it four just before he was replaced with a classy long-range effort, and Piazon's debut in the premier league started brightly with an assist for Ramires' first, and Chelsea's fifth. Oscar made it six with a brilliantly struck penalty, before Hazard made it seven, and while Piazon missed a penalty, there was no stopping an eight goal, kindly a tribute for Frank Lampard (8) himself.

          The whole team was brilliant tonight, but there are just some players I would like to quote. Firstly, Lampard reached a milestone today, and boy, did he do it with some style too. An excellent long-range strike, one worthy of this landmark, and it was a goal of difficult technique, one not many have, but he does. Next, it was certainly great to have a confident striker and it's just what we have right now. Torres' 3rd minute header was his 7th in six games, and it was not easy to score a header from that range, the way he did today. Throughout the game we could see his confidence, and you just want to see that every game, don't you?

          David Luiz played a different position tonight, but I think he played well there today, in fact, I think it suits him better there. His sloppiness will be less costly, and moreover, his expressive football will be better harnessed there. Knowing he will still contribute defensively too, I think it was great to see him there. His skills, both offensively & defensively, are expressed more in that position, and you know you can always call him back to defense or anywhere else, for a player of his quality and talent. Lastly, it was great to see Piazon earn his premier league debut, and he assisted a goal too. Unlucky with that penalty, otherwise it would have been an excellent debut for him. Nevertheless, he played well, and now we know that he can play when we need him.

          8 goals, 7 different goalscorers, and another smashing win for a return to the league. The  Chelsea players' hunger outmatches the jet lag, and we came back from Japan, to the league, sending a message, that we are back, and we are hungry for more. With our next match coming, away at Norwich City, let us hope that this message will be translated to another victory!!! #CFC


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunderland 1 - 3 Chelsea: 3 Goals, 3 Points...

Sunday, 09-12-2012 00.55 GMT+8

EPL - Sunderland v Chelsea, Fernando Torres, Juan Mata, Eden Hazard and Victor Moses

           It was a much needed win in the league, certainly considering the fact that the squad we'll be off to Japan soon, and also that at least one of the Manchester clubs will drop points the day after. 3 confident strikes all but sealed our victory for the night, with one goal back by the home side shifting the game back into balance, but ended with a win for the Blues.

          The first half was pretty much our game all the way. We played well from the start, and should have been given a penalty when Hazard was pulled back by Larsson. We kept possession and kept creating chances, and our first goal came with a brilliant volley by Torres, a confident strike indeed. For much of the half we dominated the game, and just before the interval we got ourselves a penalty (a reckless needless challenge by Larsson, good for us though), and Torres wanted to take it, and he didn't disappoint.

          The second half started well for us, we got our third goal just about 5 minutes after the restart. And the goal came with a brilliant effort by Torres which unfortunately hit the post, however Mata took the rebound with a clean strike and netted our third. Credit goes to Torres for that strike, and what a goal that would have been. Three goals pretty much put the game out of reach, but there was some scare there when Sunderland pulled one back, a curled shot by Johnson. It gave the home side some hope and the game was much more even then, but the scoreline remained until the final whistle.

          It couldn't be argued that it was once again Torres' day, following his brilliant performance in midweek against Nordsjaelland. 2 goals then, 2 goals now (could have been 3), and hopefully it will continue for the rest of the season. The link-up play of the three behind Fernando started to appear bright again, and although it was unfortunate that we were unable to keep the clean sheet, it was good to see Frank Lampard back on the field again, it seemed ages since the last time we saw him there, but it sure is good to see him back, and hopefully bring out the best of the team's characters out there on the field, and especially in Japan, when JT will have to stay back in England.

          So, a first win for Rafa in the league. I don't know about the other fans, but I'm starting to have a good feeling about this, and I sincerely hope the fans would show more support to him. And just maybe, he is the reason out number 9 has been scoring some fine goals. And if that continues, we'll be up there in the title challenge before you know it. A confident win tonight, a much needed one indeed, and we hope that it will continue, starting with possibly our first silverware for the season, in Japan. #CFC


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Chelsea 6 - 1 Nordsjaelland: Not in Vain

Thursday, 06-12-2012 05.40 GMT+8

          The win is not in vain, that much I am certain. Yes, we did thrash our opposition by 6 - 1, and yes, we are not through to the last 16 of the Champions League, just the outcome we all feared. However, considering we have had a winless run of 6 games in all competition, 7 in the league, this win is just what we have been looking for.

          The first half began very brightly indeed for the Blues. We had dominated possession, and kept attacking, unlucky not to find goals in the early minutes, and shockingly conceded the first penalty of the game, only for our hero Cech to make another wonderful save. Then it was our turn with the penalty, but Hazard was unable to convert. But then we had another penalty in quick succession, and this time, a confident Luiz didn't disappoint. The first half ended with a smart pass by Moses, and a run + a calm finish by Torres.

          The second half didn't start as well, in fact we conceded just inside 21 seconds. However it was not to worry, as soon enough we had another goal, a brilliant header by Cahill towards the top corner. As of this moment the game was flowing our way, and it looked all over, especially when Torres netted his second of the night. Then it was followed by a Juan Mata goal, and another by substitute Oscar. The makes it six, and while seemingly in vain as Juventus won in Donetsk, leaving us having to settle for Europa League.

          It was certainly a bright performance by the squad, just the light we had been looking for, having been in the dark for the past month. The fans were as supportive as they could be, at least from what I observed. The players linked-up well with one another, especially in the front four. The spirit was there, and the sharpness was there too. Many positives to be taken for the night, we can only hope that we can continue in the league with this kind of performance.

          Our 'misfiring' striker Fernando Torres scored two for the night, and could've had a hat-trick as well. The difference I saw with Torres this time, was that of his movement. He made more runs behind defenders and that is just what he needed to do. It was good that recently he had been able to make some holds, some passes and flicks, but what he need to be doing is this, making runs behind defenders, take risks, and one or two are bound to be goals. These two goals will be a boost for him, and I hope his form can continue as well.

          In conclusion, the win was not so much in vain, it is a much needed win, and although the outcome didn't matter, I can't help imagining how our spirit will be should we lost. Now that we have an important, confident win, we can only hope we can bring it on to our next match, which is against Sunderland, before going on to the country of the rising sun, hopefully being able to win the Club World Cup for our first silverware of the season. #CFC


Saturday, 1 December 2012

West Ham 3 - 1 Chelsea: More Boos for Rafa

Saturday, 01-12-2012 22.39 GMT+8

          Well, the months of November and December have never been kind to us, but this is just cruel. I am feeling so despaired right now, I don't know why this is happening to us right now. Maybe the fans are right after all, maybe Rafa should leave. He's not the kind of messiah that can bring CFC from a deep sunken situation to rise and fight for glory again. He's maybe just the opposite, at least, in the eyes of the fans. But what concerns me now, is the fact that our players are unable to hold on to the win, not even scoring a second goal.

          There's not much to discuss about the line ups. Just slight rotations the manager had to make. On the first half, we pretty much dominated the game. It was pretty obvious so far. We got the goal, good vision by Moses, good run by Torres, and definitely good finish by Mata. Throughout the half we kept attacking, and we had the chance to score the second goal, but we didn't. The second half was pretty much a free fall. It was one of the worst performances ever. We just sank down there. We didn't put up much of fight, physically we kept going down, and credit to West Ham for fighting back with such intensity.    

          There were some excellent performers, such as Moses, Mata & Azpilicueta as well. And Cech obviously made excellent saves throughout, I can't imagine the scoreline without his saves. But the team collectively wasn't fighting enough in the second half. Torres obviously messed up several chances, and his confidence is not building at all.

          I certainly cannot explain what is going on in the team right now. Maybe the fans aren't giving enough support to the manager? Maybe the manager is at fault for losing? Maybe we are missing a leader in the squad? I can no longer supply thoughts or ideas concerning the tactical & technical mistakes in the club, but I can be superstitious and I wanted to believe that JT & Lampard will return as heroes and leaders and kings to unite the squad and bring us out out of this dark days, but it's just a piece of hope in my mind, and I guess all we can do as fans is just to give continuous support, and hope that light will shine again in the club. #CFC


Monday, 26 November 2012

Chelsea 0 - 0 Manchester City: Goalless Debut for Rafa

26 November 2012 19.54 GMT+8

Fernando Torres,Vincent Kompany

          Another manager comes in, this time it's the man who made a bitter rivalry against Chelsea, during his time at Liverpool FC. But now here he is, hopefully for the best of the Blues. His first game ended a scoreless draw, but to be honest it wasn't that bad considering we are in a bad period of time, and against Manchester City, earning a draw, and especially a clean sheet as well, is not bad at all. However, he will need to do more to prove his worth to the fans, and to the owner as well.

          As with RDM, the line-up was pretty much typical, only seeing Ivanovic pair Luiz as Cahill was ill previously, which means Azpilicueta started again (he has been performing well so far), while the remaining starters pretty much pick themselves, for now.

          There's not much to say about the game really, especially in terms of football. The goalless draw pretty much says it all, both teams had chances, but both defenses were pretty resilient, and the strikers from both sides aren't producing much either. Most of the battle are in the midfield area.

          However, there is this one thing I would like to address. The fans there seemed to be in the same frame of mind as me and perhaps all other Chelsea fan's around the world. Roberto Di Matteo just mean so much to us, I noticed the applause by the fans on the 16th minute (16 was Robbie's jersey number as a Chelsea player), which I found very touching really. Not to mention the fans brought posters and banners stating, "There is only one Di Matteo", etc, which really shows how much he means to the club and the fans, and as he stated he was honored to manage this club he has always loved, JT was even more privileged to have worked under the club legend, and the fans will be the most gratified to have him during his short spell. If he watched the game, and the fans, then he will know he walked out of the club with his pride in the highest, and he will always earn the respect, honor, and privilege by the club and players, and especially the fans. That part of him can never be taken away.

          But then there's this other thing to address, and it concerns our new manager. Beside banners of Di Matteo, I noticed even more banners saying, "Rafa Out" and all sorts of that. And I understand why the Chelsea fans did that, and I do not blame them. But I believe that this is not the right way to move on. I think we should all support our manager (whoever he is), for the best of the club. Even by bringing those banners and shouting and booing the manager, it won't change a thing, and it may even unsettle the situation. So, for the best of the club, I think it's best to just put the past behind, and give full support to the manager, and who knows, he might just bring us the victories we long for. Petr Cech himself have also wished for the fans to give the new manager a chance, and I agree with out interim-captain, to give more support for the whole club and the manager, for the best to come.

          With that said, we now sit fourth and the BPL table, but not that far away. We didn't look menacing in the game against City, but we looked solid defensively. Hopefully we can bring that positive to the game against Fulham, and hopefully have some extra cutting edge in our offensive efforts, and maybe we can win the next game! #CFC


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Farewell RDM...

Wednesday 21-11-2012 18.32 GMT+8

Roberto Di Matteo

          Yes, it's my birthday, and yes, we have probably just heard the most shocking statement we could have possibly expected. Not the birthday gift I wanted, but then again, I have had my best friends come to my room in the middle of the night and gave a hell of a surprise. I would like to take some time to thank them for their time and efforts to celebrate my birthday even in the midst of upcoming examinations. Thanks guys :)

          Okay, back to the news, well, maybe it's not totally surprising, but seriously considering the situation and position we have been, not to mention the feats we have achieved. I think we just felt the blow of how impatient our big boss really is, and certainly I very much disagree with the sacking of Roberto Di Matteo.

          I was just in the midst of studying when I took a break and decided to open FB for a while, and there it was, "Chelsea FC has parted company with manager Roberto Di Matteo this morning." And my initial expression was, "WTF?!?!?" Seriously??"

          And I guess that should sum up the whole article. I also looked into the comments on that very status, and what I see, was a whole bunch of Chelsea fans also feeling the same way I did. What I saw, among others, are "Is this the way to treat managers?", "Shame on CFC", "Impatient owner", "He didn't deserve this", "Too early", "Can't believe this", "Robbie's done a good job", "Best Manager after Mou", "RDM only had 5 bad games", "Wrong Decision", "RDM the heart of Chelsea fans."

          In fact, nearly all the comments I read are all like those you saw above. And that practically sums up the feeling of Chelsea fans around the world, including me. He has won the UCL and FA Cup, and this season we are playing a brand new style of football, sitting at third in the BPL. And the season hasn't even been defined, much less, ended.

          I believe that this is much too early. Given what he had achieved, and the number of bad games and our current condition, and apparently, this is when we are having significant injuries. So, honestly, there just isn't enough justification for the board to sack RDM, but unfortunately the big boss is too impatient to see this, and it's so unfortunate for Robbie to get the axe.

          Now I don't know who will be manager (maybe victim) next. It could be Pep, could be Rafa, could be anybody. But I'm a Chelsea fan in and out, so I will definitely support the next man to take the hot seat, but I stand strong with my statement that this is a big mistake, sacking RDM, and most certainly, unethical. The club's image in front of football fans around the world is certainly not a good one.

          All in all, and I believe I will be speaking for all CFC fans for this one, we would like to thank RDM for what he has done for the club. The change he has brought, the historical trophy he has won, and yes he will remain in the hearts of Chelsea fans, and he will come down as one of the most memorable managers in the history of the club (And CFC will probably go down as the most controversial club in the world). Thank you Robbie!! All the best for your future!! #CFC


Sunday, 18 November 2012

West Brom 2 - 1 Chelsea: "November" all over??

Sunday 18-11-2012 00.58 GMT+8

EPL - West Bromwich Albion v Chelsea, Shane Long and Gary Cahill

          It looks like we are heading towards that "Month of November" all over again, which caused Ancelloti's and AVB's Chelsea side stumble in the past. I can see some justification from tonight's game, but it certainly shouldn't be that way, and I got frustrated throughout the game, and frustrated that we weren't getting any wins recently, and now I doubt Chelsea's chance in Juventus in the coming midweek. And my exams are coming up so you can imagine how hellish I am feeling right now.

          The side that started was one that looked interesting, a very young side indeed. Cech, Luiz, Cahill, Mikel, Hazard, and Torres are the regular starters. Bertrand came in for Cole, who is perhaps being prepared for the Juventus game, after a hamstring injury. Ivanovic had a tough game in midweek, and so did Oscar & Mata (both whom travelled far) who needed to be rested, replaced by Azpilicueta, Sturridge & Moses respectively. Same goes for Ramires, replaced by Romeu. It was an interesting side, and though it looked weaker, the talents and potentials are there for them to show it.

          Throughout both halves, we dominated possession. We had nearly 3 times the number of shots of West Brom, yet only able to find one goal (which is one of the most unlikeliest of goals, a header by the smallest player on the side), while the home side were able to find two. I must admit that overall, West Brom looked confident in defending, and they were apparently very dangerous in counter attacks. Credit to them, I always felt nervous when they had the ball.

          I can say that we played well overall, but we weren't clinical enough in front of goal, and we just lacked that special touch in the final third. We still looked like playing the football we used to, but just not finding the net, and apparently also conceding goals we should not have.

          I apparently shouldn't have stated the blame to whom explicitly, but after tonight I thoroughly felt disappointed by one Daniel Sturridge, and another in David Luiz. Daniel Sturridge was unbelievably wasteful. He perhaps made some excellent touches when playing behind Torres, but when given the chance up front, he was wasteful and selfish. Counting the number of times Mata supplied and excellent ball to him, and he didn't deliver, and then when he could have given the ball to Mata to tap the ball in, he didn't. I was so frustrated I wished Torres was back on in the game, although Torres didn't have the best of games either. And then there's Luiz who I think is at fault for our goals conceded. He needed to have that extra composure and positioning, and he just isn't the centre back I expected him to be.

          Looking at this game, I think we really needed JT back there, not just as the leader, but also to bolster our leaking defense. If you check the statistics, you can see we kept more clean sheets and conceded less goals with JT there. And then I think we may actually need Falcao after all. I preferred not, if only Torres can perform, and Lukaku returns to support him. But if it goes on like this, I am happy to see Falcao in the blue shirt. Credit to the Azpilicueta and Bertrand who proved that they can be relied on in the future, just needed more game time and experience I think. Same goes for Romeu, and Moses did well tonight. And I think the problem is in the final third, and that somehow, we are still leaking in defense.

          I don't know if this "Month of November" curse is coming back to haunt us (certainly hope not), but I certainly don't feel confident about the upcoming game in Turin. I'll be supporting us all the way, but I'm not expecting much, at least until we start winning games again. Now we dropped another 3 points, and potentially losing six points to the leaders (after leading 4 just weeks ago), and only 1 point ahead of West Brom in fourth. Hopefully the situation will change soon, starting with a win in Juventus.

          Before we end, I wanted to thank all you readers, as my blog page views just reached 1000 last weekend. I wanted to thank you all for your constant support, and I am just glad that there are people like you guys appreciating my imperfect piece of writings, and hopefully, share the same thoughts and support towards our blue heroes, Chelsea FC. #CFC


Monday, 12 November 2012

Chelsea 1 - 1 Liverpool: Classic Encounter, Different Game, Another Draw

Monday, 12-11-2012, 01.58 GMT+8

Luis Suarez

           It's been another encounter with the opponent we have faced 33 times in the last 8 seasons. The tie is no longer new, but the players, are mostly new. The blues are with new boys Hazard, Oscar, Azpilicueta, Moses, Bertrand whom Liverpool never faced before. While boss RDM were required to think about the likes of Sterling, Allen, Sahin, etc. So it's a seemingly classic show, but with new actors to play. However, the results are a tight one, as always. However, judging by the game overall, and the statistics as well, it may well seem to be 2 points dropped for us.

          With Cole out, it's not a surprise that Bertrand took over at left back, while Azpilicueta was a surprise start, with Ivanovic moving to centre half pairing Captain JT, while Cahill starts on the bench. Cech and the remaining six pretty much picked themselves. Liverpool seemed a weaker side, especially in defense, with no Reina and Skrtel.

          The first half began pretty slow, in fact Liverpool had more possession in about the first 15 minutes, and we didn't seem to be able to pick ourselves up. Torres seemed up for it though, and he earned us a first corner of the game, in which JT rose up to receive a Juan Mata corner and hit the net, giving us the lead. Soon after, we started to come to live, and the likes of Oscar and Hazard are starting to show some tricks of their own. However we are unable to extend our lead, and an incident occured, and our captain had to be stretchered off, to be replaced by Cahill. The first half ended 1-0.

          For most of the second half, we dominated the game, and Liverpool were only playing with counter attacks. We had more possession, more chances, however that second goal just didn't come. Torres had a chance of his own, and it took goalkeeper Brad Jones a spectacular save. When you can't find a second goal like this, things just didn't seem to go our way, and it didn't. On the 72nd minute Suarez (who else?) scored an equalising goal, also from a corner. From that point on, we tried to recover and find a winning goal, but it never came. Throughout the second half, we just weren't sharp enough in front of goal, and perhaps unlucky as well. The game ended 1-1.

          Overall the team performed well, but just couldn't find that second goal. Azpilicueta was excellent defensively,however can still improve in helping the team offensively. The triumvirate (I don't need to mention who) weren't as lively as they used to be, perhaps due to fatigue (concerning the number and minutes and intensity of football they played recently), and it took them time to come to life themselves. So more and more it becomes apparent our dependence on those three. Torres was performing okay, perhaps unlucky not to find the net. Cech was excellent as always, without him we might have lost. 

          But one to note is the presence of our captain JT. He seemed so significant to the team. Not only he scored the goal, but with his presence in the team, we looked more solid defensively. I don't know if it's just me, but I felt we needed his presence badly. He is a great leader, and he is able to organize the team well, especially in defending. Let's just hope that his injury is not that bad, and that we shall see him back on the field soon.

          As of now, we have only earned 2 points in the last three games, which is not good, and now we have dropped to third. I can sometimes think of superstitious situations, but I certainly hope the curse of November is not coming back to haunt us. Especially as this month is the month of my birthday. With this, we really have to bounce back in the next game against West Brom, although honestly it will be difficult. They are the in form team at the moment, and we will have to be at our best to beat them, and get back to winning ways! #CFC


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Swansea 1 - 1 Chelsea: Not the Result We Wanted

Sunday 04-11-2012 01.15 GMT+8

EPL; Victor Moses; Wayne Routledge; Swansea City Vs Chelsea

          It was not the result we expected, neither was it the game we would have expected either. Swansea have a similar playing style with Chelsea, a creative attacking play that when these 2 teams clash, should have resulted in an open, full-of-goals game. However it was not the case, and so was not the win that the club have expected. Now we're sitting a point behind United on the BPL table.

          As Mata & Luiz were not fit to play, I was happy to see some excellent replacements in line in Azpilicueta & Moses. I was happy to see them finally start a BPL match. The surprising omission was Ramires, his place taken by Romeu (although he did enter the fray after the interval). It actually seemed interesting to see, without our two leaders, and our top creative maestro, how the team will actually cope.

          The first half was a bit slow. Both sides have chances, but it was not the high-tempo game many would have expected. No goals produced in the first half, leading to the away team making a change during the interval. The second half was slightly better, but still not the fast paced game it should have been. Goals came, and it was Chelsea who scored the opening, with Moses scoring his first BPL goal with a header that bounced off the post and went in (for a second there I thought it was going out, thankfully not). However after that goal, we were getting slow, and the home side started to take the game to us, and they were pushing on for an equalizer. At fault for not killing off the game, we were punished as the home side equalised in the 88th minute. The game ended 1 - 1.

          I was very interested to see Azpilicueta & Moses play. Although it was not a a very good performance, but they did perform their duties well. Moses scored our only goal. Azpilicueta defended well for the whole 90 minutes. Hazard & Oscar this time were a bit restricted, and perhaps due to the number of opposition defenders arriving when these 2 have the ball. Torres then became isolated with no support, although sometimes he did well in flicking the balls to the other attackers. Overall, the team defended well, but could not produce the performance we did few weeks ago.

          Somehow, the offensive efforts weren't as fluent compared to when Mata played. Of course, Juan Mata have been such a key player for us, receiving the Man of The Match award several times now. However I didn't expect his unavailability would be this significant. Our performance certainly looked much slower, much less creative, and we tried more direct passes instead. I certainly can't wait to see Mata back in the squad. And JT as well. This draw leaves us a point behind United in the league, meaning that we will now have to play catch-up, and perform a much better & consistent performance in the league. Our next match is at Stamford Bridge against Shakhtar Donetsk for a mouth-watering UCL clash, and maybe it's time for some payback. With JT back in the squad, and hopefully several other key players too, maybe it's time to show the Ukrainians what this London Club is made of! #CFC


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Tottenham 2 - 4 Chelsea: Three-point Lane is Back!!

Saturday 20-10-2012 21.43 GMT+8

EPL; Tottenham Hotspur's Vs Chelsea, Clint Dempsey; Juan Mata

          Three-point Lane is Back!! It looks so, but honestly it has been such an intensely spectacular London Derby yet again. Honestly, after 2 weeks of no Premier League action, I was so badly waiting for this game, and it didn't disappoint. And, although they never admit this, I bet AVB has that special feeling to want to beat Chelsea, but he failed. No hard feelings for him, but this was an important game, and well done to RDM, we earned a great win once again.

          The line-up was pretty much as expected, although we were without JT, and Lampard was also on the bench.The armband went to Cech once again, who performed excellent once again, and was key to our comeback on the night. The surprise probably was in the home side line-up, who was without Gareth Bale (Thank God), and also Dembele. Without them, their threat was limited, and certainly we looked the stronger side at the beginning.

          The first half was a fine start. The atmosphere was so very lively, I can hear the crowd so loud even only watching in my laptop. We limited the home side's threat in the first half, and we looked pretty solid and confident. The goal by Gary Cahill was spectacular, smashed hard towards the goal.

          The start of the second half was disappointing. We were basically asleep, and after that equalising goal, even until after the second goal by Defoe, we were panicking and the momentum was in Tottenham all the way. I just hoped that the heat died down as soon as possible. An in time it did, and it took Cech so many excellent saves to keep us in the game. And without a proper leader in the team, our boys had to lift themselves up, and amazingly they did. Juan Mata scored a proper second goal, and the third goal came in quick succession too, also by Juan Mata. The goal came by a smart series of passes by our creative attacking players. Torres had a chance, but it was a good effort nevertheless. We held the game out, and Sturridge put's the game beyond doubt, but it was the fashionable Mata who set up his goal.

          Mata was once again 'Man of the Match', and I am now so very impressed by his consistent outstanding performance week in, week out. He scored two and assisted one tonight. Players can be outstanding, players can be consistent, but to be consistently outstanding is just Amazing!! Tons of credit for Juan Mata. His quick feet, smart passes, excellent through balls, is such an asset for the team. And to be able to connect with Hazard & Oscar too, the three become such a creative attacking trident for Chelsea, who by winning this game, certainly sends out a strong statement to the other clubs. And if there were a second 'Man of the Match', it should have been Cech, who made so many unbelievable saves to keep us in the game, and to give time for the players up to front to put us back in the lead an win the game.

          So, our unbeaten run continues, and AVB failed to win against his former club, and ironically, three of our goals came from his signings, and the last goal set up by one too, scored by a player once trusted so much in his era, Daniel Sturridge. No hard feelings, and hopefully we'll keep a good, friendly, competitive relationship with him. So, we extended our lead again, with our position strong at the top with 22 points out of 8 games. Next we play Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine in midweek for a Champions League clash. Let us hope we can bring this positive result there. #CFC


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

FC Nordsjaelland 0 - 4 Chelsea: Not as Easy as it Looks

03-10-2012 20.13 GMT+8

CL - Group E, NORDSJAELLAND-CHELSEA, Juan Mata and Jesper Hansen

          The scoreline may have reflected what seemed to be an emphatic win of the Blues in Copenhagen. But those who did not watch would have not known how difficult it actually is to break down the Danish Champions. In the end, the score was 4 - 0 and it was such an important result, considering we have drawn our first UCL game against Juventus.

          There were several changes made, including JT and Hazard on the bench, however manager RDM still brings on a strong squad, and manages to rotate players while still getting the results, which is good. Ramires once again started in the central position alongside captain for the night, Frank Lampard. The three players playing behind Torres are Moses, Mata, and Oscar.

          The game throughout was very much open. The hosts always tried to play their football, as we want to ourselves. It was becoming such an open game and chances flow on both ends of the field. However, mistake for the hosts maybe is that they are too open, that our first goal came when Fernando managed to grab the ball from a defender, and with their defense spread out, our number 9 picked up Lampard who played a smart through ball for Mata who slotted it well to the far side of the goal.

           The second half itself wasn't very much different. It was very much open and both teams had chances to score. The hosts were looking for an equalizer, and nearly got one if not for a masterclass save by Cech, and Cole got the block too. We also managed to get chances, but not the goals, not until in the 79th minute when we got a free kick. David Luiz took the shot and strikes it well to the back of the net. It was very much a Ronaldo-esque free kick. With us leading 2 goals, it seems we can relax more, but turns out we got 2 more goals by Mata again (just before being replaced), and Ramires who only needed to tap in from a smart pass by Oscar.

          Credit to Nordsjaelland who played their football quite well and managed to produce some chances too. But in the end they were broken down, and we managed three in the final 10 minutes. Perhaps it was due to fatigue, but they only got themselves to blame, as they had to be prepared if they want to play in this high level competition.

          The Chelsea players were performing well once again, and kept being resilient to find that second goal. And if you observe, besides Luiz's free kick, all our goals tonight are a work of smart passes, more like Barcelona's goals. The passes we did and the football we played are becoming quite entertaining to watch and if you observe, I guess we played more and more like Barcelona, just with more conviction and strength in the defense I suppose. That's what makes us a proper challenger for, not just the UCL title, but also the BPL, FA cup, etc. And once again I have special praise for Juan Mata, who, unbelievably, managed to once again performed outstandingly in a consistent manner. In almost every game he managed to pull off something special. Well, done, our number 10.

          So, with a win in the UCL, now we are back on track, and now we can switch our focus back to the premier league, where we aim to strengthen our position at the top of the table. And it continues this Saturday when we take on Norwich City at the Bridge. Hope we can continue our winning streak then. #CFC


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Arsenal 1 - 2 Chelsea: An Important Away Win

29-09-2012 22.35 GMT+8

EPL:  Abou Diaby - Fernando Torres, Arsenal v Chelsea

          I've always liked the London Derby of Arsenal vs Chelsea. The derby is exciting, but more to the football and not to the level of emotions like the Manchester Derby, Merseyside Derby, North London Derby, or apparently, West London Derby (Chelsea vs QPR). The rivalry sensed within these two teams are pretty much football approached. 

          And tonight, manager RDM once again made the perfect decision, and brought us another superb result to strengthen our position in the league with 16 points, four points ahead of Manchester United, who played Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. 3 points away in The Emirates, is a great, great result. The performance from the lads are convincing, defensively we were focused, and offensively we were quick too. A well deserved win.

          The team selection was not much of a surprise. Back five was as expected, however the tactical decision tonight is to play Ramires from midfield and play new boys Hazard & Oscar alongside Mata, all playing behind Torres. It was a spot-on selection by RDM. It was an open game, and we managed to utilize the pace and skill of our players to break down Arsenal's defense; although our goals both came from set pieces.

          On the earlier minutes of the first half, we were the better team, leading to a goal by Fernando Torres. A good swing in the free kick by Juan Mata, and a confused Koscielny allowed Torres the space to strike the ball to the back of the net. It was a great goal. However Arsenal started to rise and the game was very much open for the remaining of the half. Then Gervinho managed to equalize with a smashing attempt just before the interval. It was a fair result for the half.

          After the break, Arsenal actually started brighter, however in the counter-attack attempt by Chelsea, Fernando was brought down, earning us another free kick. This time it was another excellent swing by Juan Mata, but without finding a player, the ball curled in into the far side of the goal (possibly with a slight touch by Koscielny), but it was an excellent curl and such a great goal by Mata. After that, the tempo of the game slowed down a bit, at least until Arsenal felt more and more the urgency to quickly find an equalizer. For the remaining of the half, Arsenal had more chances and tried to break us down, but a good performance by our defense saw us hold on until the final whistle and earn us a great away win.

          Mata, earning the Man of the Match, really showed his classy skill as he always does. He is an outstanding player because he is nearly able to perform excellently, and consistently too. Torres was great tonight, earned the goal well too. Oscar and Hazard showed again what they can bring for the team. Mikel dictated the middle excellently. The back five was an experienced one, and the proved their worth with a focused and committed performance. Oh and by the way, I just saw the post-match interview, and when told that experts claimed that Mata, Hazard, and Oscar cannot play together (because it will be too open), Torres simply replied, "Who said that?" (Sums it up pretty much)

          Considering it was an away game at The Emirates, winning 2 - 1 is such a great result, as we earned our well deserved 3 points. The players linked up well today, every player are committed and focused, and so we strengthen our position in the league once again. Many expected that Chelsea are in transition, well we are, but we certainly didn't look like a team in transition seeing the performance of each individual and the ability to link up between these players. A great night and a great performance, and a great win too. Now we can turn our focus to the Champions League once again, as we prepare to go to Denmark where we will visit the Danish Champions in their home ground. Hopefully, we can bring this type of performance there, to win out first UCL game this campaign. #CFC


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chelsea 6 - 0 Wolves: A Perfect Debut Night

26 September 2012 09.00 GMT+8

Juan Mata

          Many expected a win from Chelsea, but on a night with 3 debuts, and all summer signings  being part of the squad with so many young players, surely nobody expected such a perfect game, where we thrashed the visitors with an immense 6 - 0 scoreline. Apparently the positives aren't only that. All 6 goals came from 6 different goalscorers, meaning that we have the ability to score from wherever we want. And that tonight, the youngsters, the new signings showed amazing skill, ability, pace, and commitment. And they also showed that they can be integrated into the team, adding some extra dimension for the team.

          The squad was pretty much as expected, with new players Azpilicueta and Moses, and young players Piazon, Romeu, and Bertrand too. Playing alongside them are senior players, most with something to prove, like Torres, Cahill, even Ramires too.

          Nobody expected the players to be playing in one mind already. Early goals from Cahill and Bertrand surely is a wonderful start to a wonderful night. Quickly followed by another by Juan Mata, we coasted the first half looking like champions, creating chances after chances. It did look as if the goals would have kept on coming. The second half went even better as we did not stop for anything, an additional 3 goals, by Romeu, Torres, and Moses brings the fans some fashionable entertainment of the night.

          But tonight is simply the night of the debutants and young players. With an average age of 24.4 amongst the starting eleven, and 23.3 in the final quarter of an hour, it was a simply stunning night. I have particular praise to Azpilicueta, who performed every inch of a full back I always expected. So did Bertrand, the runs he made, and the link-up he got with Piazon. And then there's Piazon himself, who played as if he's played with this team for long now. Minding his 18 years age, he did simply marvelous and he played freely and wonderfully too.

          Several first team players did prove themselves. Mata performed as he always does, and he never seem to run out of ideas. Torres got a goal. Cahill got a goal, and was simply convincing in the back. And some other youngster deserve praise too. Romeu was excellent, and his penalty even more. Moses is simply amazing, he deserved the goal minding his performance for the night. Marin also showed what he is capable of, and linking up with Oscar, who also played well with a beautiful cross to set up Moses.

          Every players seem to be able to link up with each other marvelously, and each individual put in massive contribution and commitment. It was a different looking Chelsea than it was last year. It certainly looked the team we are aiming to build, with less physicality and more tricks and skills, being more like Barcelona in a way. And it is all these young players that did that, so we can expect great things from them in the future, and expect a great prospect ahead of Chelsea. The team tonight, certainly looks to be a preview of what Chelsea will be in the future. With all these players just playing together, and being capable of winning 6 - 0, I can't imagine how they will play in a few years time. RDM surely couldn't have expected for a better game. Heck, neither can any of us! It was surely a perfect, perfect performance, perfect debuts for the boys, and I certainly want to see more of these in the upcoming games. #CFC


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Chelsea 2 - 2 Juventus: A Good Game

20 September 2012 04.40 GMT+8

          It was not a great start in the UEFA Champions League, but it was a good game overall. We fought against a tough opponent in the first match, and although we played at home, and we could have won it, it was a great game and a fair result in the end. Oscar made it 2 - 0 with two first half strikes on his UCL debut, however Juventus cancelled out both goals on either side of the interval.

          There was only one change in the squad compared to the one that played QPR. That change perhaps being the most significant one, as debutant Oscar scored both goals for Chelsea, one a very spectacular one indeed.

          I didn't manage to watch most of the first half, however I noticed the goals from the highlights. The game was pretty much even, and according to statistics Juventus had more possession. But by statistics too, Chelsea had more shots on target. Oscar opened the scoring with a shot deflected by an opponent player, before getting his second goal 2 minutes later, a wonder goal of pure class. A swift turn and a skillful curve shot by the young Brazilian. It was just class. However in the 38th minute Juventus managed to pull one back with a goal by Vidal.

          The second half was not as intense as I expected it to be, but the tightness of the scoreline was just as expected, just not what I hoped. It was a very tight game in the second half, with both sides taking turns in attacking and defending. Until the 80th minute when Juventus equalised by a goal from Quagliarella. It doesn't feel good at all, especially when the blame goes to a sloppy mistake by the defense. Nevertheless, overall it was a good match, and we have to take positives we can, and fix our mistakes.

          Oscar was just spectacular tonight, and he certainly showed what he is capable of. And when Juan Mata came on, he linked up well with Hazard with a string of one-two passes. This is my other favorite moment besides Oscar's second goal. Just looking at Mata & Hazard linking up well and exchanging passes is just so gratifying. Some individual efforts are to be commended today. However some did not perform well, and collectively we could have improved more.

          At half-time my friend (a fan of Juve) told me that their team have always made comebacks and have not lost for 42 matches up till today, and I thought that maybe we can break that streak. But, oh well. Today's game was good, and although the result could have been better, there are positives to take, and we just have to improve for the next game!! #CFC


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Chelsea 1 - 4 Atletico Madrid: Second Silverware Lost

Saturday, 01-09-2012 04.41 GMT+8

Radamel Falcao, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea

          Our second chance of silverware for the season...gone. And not in a fashionable or spectacular way, but in an embarrassing 1 - 4 scoreline to Atletico Madrid. It was not a night to remember for all associated with Chelsea. We may have hoped that the QPR game comes closer so we can quickly bounce back, but well, a defeat is a defeat, and we have to face the truth, accept losses, learn from it, move on, improve.

          The squad that started is as strong as it can be, in the absence of JT. And I thought we have a good chance in this. However, the first half, was horrendous. I can't imagine a worse start than this game. In just 6 minutes, we concede a goal, after several scares too (smart flick by Falcao). And then, when I thought we can pull another comeback with us pushing on, the opposition smartly implies their counter attack and managed to score another one (this time, an excellent chip by Falcao). I began to lose confidence as the game grows, with our defence continuously harassed, with low defensive organisation. Then it seemed like game over when the 3rd one went in. And again, by Falcao.

          The second half was better, however it was not worth the title 'European Champions'. I watched the second half, with nearly no emotions. Not knowing what to expect and what to hope for. When the fourth goal went in, I was like, "Okay". It is seemingly embarrassing for a European Champion to concede 4 goals with nearly no fightback at all. I was so downed. We had a consolation goal in the 75th minute by Gary Cahill. Although it seemed useless, it felt better though. The game ended 1 - 4 in favour of the opposition.

          I was so downed, I was so speechless, I can't even think of what had just happened. But by the end of the game, I started to realize. We weren't able to fight of tricky Spanish sides like this one. If you observe, their goals all came, nearly by trickery and counter attacks. These fast-paced counters, and tricky and skillful players are just the typical spanish side, who we always have a hard time of playing against.

          The difference of this match, with the one against Barca, is that in the latter, besides us having much more luck, we played with more physicality, and honestly, we parked the bus too. With this new squad, we can't play that type of play, we have no bus to park, we only got a van. So we had to play the attacking play. However, our offensive play isn't as great as the Spanish sides' game, and with that, and our defence seemingly less organised, they keep mounting smart, fast counter-attacks, which proved to hit the net several times, dooming us to a defeat once again.

          We have to play the Spanish sides with much more physicality, however we don't have much of those left in our squad. Even our goal tonight was with what physicality we have, namely our defenders. However, I believe that the offensive play we have, is enough to unsettle premier league teams' defenses, as they rarely play these type of games. So I have enough reason to believe that we can win the BPL, however retaining the UCL will be another story entirely.

It was not a great night at all. Congratulations to Atletico for being the better team all night. We had to bounce back, and since this is only our second chance of silverware, we have many many more chance to win ahead of us. Next game is against QPR, but it is quite a long wait to that game. So for now, we can only wait, accept defeat, learn from it, improve, win the next game, win the league! #CFC


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Chelsea 2 - 0 Newcastle United: A Casual Win

Sunday, 26-08-2012 22.42 GMT+8

Eden Hazard - Fernando Torres (Chelsea vs Newcastle)

           It was looking more and more like a casual win, after what had happened in previous games. Emphasised in this game, is the fact that this win is against a much tougher opposition, and our attacking play have grown to be more ‘beautiful’ than last season. Add to that, the combination of trio Hazard, Mata, and Torres is marvelous. Those three may be the key to winning silverware this season. And Hazard seemingly got ‘Man of the Match’ again, at least according to

          The match seemed an intense game before it started. But the first half was totally ours, and the second half went smoothly with no intense threat from Newcastle. A great play by Torres to set up our third penalty in as many games, to be taken well by Hazard who scored his first Chelsea goal. Then by the 44th minute, Hazard repaid his (Torres’) effort by flicking a smart back heel, for Torres to shoot well towards the top corner. They both combined well and are looking sharp.

          The second half was not so intense, with our team set for another win, and Newcastle not giving much of a fight. It also took Cech another excellent save in the final minutes to earn himself another clean sheet.

           The game looked more like a casual win, but things to see clearly in this game, is as I had stated earlier. We had turned more to a possession, flick, smart pass play, compared to last season’s direct, physical play. Yet we also managed to keep our defence organised and strong as well. So far I had seen, the key players that may be our stars for this season, is the trio Hazard, Mata, and Torres, who all have performed very well in our opening games, and managed to link-up with one another very well.

         Here is a link to what Ashley Cole had said, it is a great perception to how Chelsea is now:

          Next game for us is not in the BPL, it is another one of those silverware to win, the European Super Cup, against Atletico Madrid. So, let’s see if we can win our first silverware this season. Hope the trio can perform well next game. #CFC

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chelsea 4 - 2 Reading: First Win Back at The Bridge

Thursday, 23-08-2012 04.58 GMT+8

EPL: Fernando Torres, Chelsea v Reading

          A match between the champions of Europe against the champions of the Championship. Should have been an easy win, but no. Once again, the new promoted sides showed that they can be troublesome, just as what happened with Manchester City last Sunday. We managed though, in the end, with a scoreline of 4 - 2, giving us another important win, back at The Bridge, this time, in front of our very own supporters.

          I only managed to watch just past the half hour mark until the end. When I first saw, I was heartbroken looking at a scoreline of 1 - 2 in favour of the away side. It is not an ideal scoreline for a first home game. However, as the game goes on, I noticed that we kept attacking, looking for a win. At one time, I saw the number of goal attempts on the second half being 10 - 0 in favour of the home side. 

          As I didn't watch the first half, I can't give many comments. Although I did take note, that our penalty goal, taken well by Lampard, was again created by Eden Hazard. However, soon after it was a turn for the worse, with the away side scoring 2 goals, and we are unable to find another until the interval.

          As I watched the second half, and perhaps from the start of it, we kept attacking wave after wave to find the equalising goal. And it came, with a marvellous long-range strike by Gary Cahill. I was totally impressed and joyful. We kept on attacking to find the winner, and a good link-up play by the players up front too, passing to one another, until we managed to find a 3rd goal, netted in by our number 9, Fernando Torres. In the final minutes, Reading tried to find an equaliser, with their goalkeeper also attacking for a last minute corner. However, they are punished, as our great counter-attacking move, ended with a goal by Branislav Ivanovic.

          Great performance by Hazard again, with 3 assists this time. He certainly earned the man of the match. And it was great to see that the link-up play between the players up front, namely Hazard, Mata, Torres, Oscar, Lampard, even Sturridge, and to realise that most of them are bright young players with a whole future ahead of them. And it's just their first home game of the season. It was honestly very pleasing to see. The way they play their passes, creative play to find the equalising and winning goal.

          It was definitely a big, big thing to win our first home game of the season. A big morale bonus, and we certainly hope it will carry on to the games ahead, the next one being another home game, this time against rising force, Newcastle United. Hopefully our players can show another remarkable link-up plays and with our defence pulling off a solid performance. It will be great to win our next home game. #CFC


Hazard: The catalyst for nearly all of Chelsea's most incisive attacks produced another delighful contribution that oozed star quality. Won the early penalty when he twisted past Gunter in a carbon copy of the spot-kick he won against Wigan at the weekend. Set up Cahill for the second and showed great selflessness to tee up Ivanovic for the late fourth.



Sunday, 19 August 2012

Wigan 0 - 2 Chelsea: A Good Start After All (In the BPL)

Sunday, 19-08-2012 22.49 GMT+8
Lampard, Wigan Vs. Chelsea

          We may have a not so good start of the season with a loss in the Community Shield game last week. But the start of the BPL turns out to be good after all. The scoreline was probably as anyone would have expected. Although, I have to admit, the game, after the first two goals, certainly looked quite boring and passive, with no intensity, determination, and passion to score more goals. However, positives can be seen in the performances of our new signings, and also several others too.

          The squad that was chosen is also, pretty much, as expected. With only Bertrand replacing the injured Ramires, the less obvious of the starting XI. The alternative kit, was, admittedly, pretty cool. A win was necessary for this match, as a loss would certainly crush our spirits and morale for the upcoming games to come. It was great to win this, although not so convincingly.

          The 10 minutes of the game was lively and intense. Hazard prove a great summer signing, creating both goals of the game. He supplied the through pass for Ivanovic to score a 2nd minute goal, followed by a penalty given by Hazard, for Lampard to take and slot it home as he always does. However, after that, the game looked less lively and passive, with Chelsea probably feeling more comfortable, with no determination to add more goals to the tally.

          The second half was pretty much the same, only Wigan had more and more chances, and  requiring our defence to be more concentrated. To be fair, we got lucky most of the time too, Wigan had lots of chances, however they are unable to find a clinical finish. Oscar was introduced to replace Hazard, and he certainly showed great energy and determination, as well as some tricky skills, showing what he is capable of. Torres also had a great chance. He looked lively and played better, only to find luck is not yet on his side. Hopefully that will change.

          A win for a start of the season is definitely great. And although it wasn't a convincing win, there were many positives to take. Namely, Hazard proved his worth, also earning the 'Man of the Match' on his BPL game debut. Oscar also showed what he is capable of. Torres seemingly looks hungry on for goals. And although there were several untidiness in the passes, it was overall a good performance, for a side who looks to add a new dimension to their style of play. We play against Reading next in midweek, and hopefully we can also win our first home game of the season. #CFC


Monday, 13 August 2012

Chelsea 2 - 3 Manchester City: Not a Good Start

Monday, 13-08-2012 12.07 GMT+8

FA Community Shield - Manchester City v Chelsea, Samir Nasri

          I didn't manage to watch this match, which I was actually so enthusiastic about, looking at a nearly brand new Chelsea playing our first competitive game. I came back and saw on Facebook that Fernando Torres scored, so I managed a big smile, thinking, "This is it. This is the moment Torres will take the stage and bring victory to Chelsea". But when I opened, my smile suddenly turned into a frown looking at an unwanted scoreline saying: Chelsea 2 - 3 Manchester City.

          I managed to watch the highlights, and also read the match report from CFC website. Well I guess I can formulate some theories of my own, and imagined what had happened. We started well, with Torres scoring a classy finish from a good play by Ramires. But then the turning point came soon after, with Ivanovic receiving a red card from what looks like a two-footed tackle. Can't blame him really, but unfortunately that seemed to work Man City's way. Guess everybody has his bad days too, unfortunately for Ivanovic and Chelsea, it came today.

          With only ten men left, and no proper right-back playing, City managed to pull three back in the second half with goals from Yaya Toure, Tevez, and Nasri. Our consolation goal came from youngster Ryan Bertrand who rebounded Sturridge's shot which was blocked by City goalkeeper Pantilimon.

         To be fair, I guess City did play better than Chelsea. This is nearly a new Chelsea trying to play a different style than the physicality of Drogba and co. last season. We are still trying to find the rythm of playing which we must ASAP if we are to challenge for the title in the upcoming season ahead. City had no new players, and with a squad who have been together for quite some time, they managed to find their rythm easily and the BPL champions finished us off, winning their first silverware this season.

          On the Chelsea side, I guess Hazard is still new to the BPL, and needs to be given some time. Torres has proven well, as he will be our main striker for the season, but Sturridge showed that he is capable of something too. The old guard of Terry, Cole, Lampard must be stronger and make less mistakes, and provide inspiration for the new boys. Bertrand performed well, which is also another good sign.

          Hopefully, in out opening BPL match against Wigan, we can play better. A win in that game will be a morale bonus, losing will surely be psychologically bad. And with our youngsters performing well, coach RDM will have a good enough squad to challenge for, just needed to make the right decisions for the games. Can't wait for next week though. #CFC