Sunday, 6 October 2013

Note: Blog will be discontinued...

Dear Readers,

I would like to express my gratitude beforehand for your continuous support of my blog.
I'm very sorry to announce that this blog will be discontinued.

There are a few reasons why, among them my time constraint, and also my limitation (being unable to watch football in TV). Because of that, I continuously grow annoyed and tired of my inability to fully experience the game, and express my feelings of them.

While I have decided to discontinue this blog, my interest and support for football and especially Chelsea FC will never die. For fellow Chelsea fans out there, I am still one of you, just no longer the blog writing one.

From now onwards, I will only have one blog to keep writing (, so if you like my writing, do check that out.

Once again, many thanks for readers for continuously supporting my blog.

Hope you liked my posts, and enjoy the life and world of football always, and let us support Chelsea FC always!! #goblues


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

End of Season Review: Part 3

          What next for the club?

Faria and Mourinho

Return of the Special One

        We just received confirmation that 'The Special One' a.k.a Jose Mourinho, has just been confirmed to return to Stamford Bridge and take over as next season's first team manager. Now this is probably the best news in years, and one that fans have been wondering if it will ever happen. And thankfully, here he is, back in the club, not just as a manager, but also as a fan.
          There were some quotes from his first interview that I find touching. One include, "This is the first time in my career that I've arrived at a club that I already love", which probably shows why, as he had said himself, that the decision to return here was an easy one. Another one I like is, "I'm one of you", claiming that he is also like one of us, a fan. These words certainly showed his love to the club. How great it is to have a brilliant manager with such love and commitment to lead the club.
          While he's been away, he has been going places here and there and winning trophies too, and I would love to believe that he has matured and earned lots of valuable experiences out there, and is now ready to put all his strengths and experiences to the club. 
          He is also now one step ahead as he knew about the club, the players believe in him, and the fans love him, which is a great way to start. There have been many talks about signing new players, but personally, I feel the squad is good enough, and with Jose on the helm, he will work things out, and bring the best out of them. Any new signings will be great, but I am not too psyched about it. I see a great future already with this manager, the talented young players, and the commitment and determination of the whole squad. And with the love and support from the fans, we, Chelsea Football Club, will do great things next season!! #blueisthecolour

"I'm one of you" -Jose Mourinho

Note: The end of a football season usually corresponds to start of summer movie season, hence after this, I will be focusing on my other blog for now. Unless there are special news that I want to say, this blog will be inactive, until the start of next season. So check back again next season, and I'll see you then. Thanks! Have a great summer, and keep the blue flag flying high!

End of Season Review: Part 2

          Squad of the season...

Benfica v Chelsea

Starters (4-2-3-1):

Cech (GK): An obvious choice, and proven so as he pulled off many spectacular and important saves throughout the season. Under pressure or not, he is always ready and he showed us why he is great.

Azpilicueta (RB): Struggled to make the team at first, but soon began to settle in the first team, and has the perfect qualities to be a decent full back for the club.

Ivanovic (CB): Stronger as a centre-half than a full back, but has qualities to be both. Strong presence in the back, good physical qualities, and yet possesses the ability to score goals too. Outmatched Cahill due to his strengths and consistencies.

Terry (CB)(c): Captain, Leader, Legend. No other words to describe this man, as time to time, he showed why we still need him, although his successors are standing ready right behind him.

Cole (LB): Another season, Ash, another season. The best left back in the world is not to leave us yet, and his contract is extended again. Bertrand still need to learn if he is to replace this man in the future.

Luiz (CM): The most versatile player in the squad, capable of playing in many positions, yet I feel his best is to come as a midfielder. His defensive qualities can be put to use, yet his creativity and skillful passes will be of good use to start an attack. And God, what a great free kick taker too.

Lampard (CM): As he broke a record, his dream continues as he will serve another year with the club. A true athlete, and probably Chelsea's best player in the last decade. What  a great man to have in the team.

Moses (RM): The least convincing player I have to put in this list. He definitely showed what he was capable of and I believe he is the best man in this position, yet his lack of consistency is what troubles me and I feel he should improve that.

Mata (AM): Luiz would have been my player of the season if not for this man. Second highest scorer, top assists, what more could we ask for. He is creative, skillful, and most of all, has a great vision. This man will be key for our future endeavors.

Hazard (LM): The best signing of the season. He is our most explosive player, and is able to create goals out of nothing. A great player, on the wide or centre, a great dibbler, and is able to break down defences.

Torres (ST): Many may still doubt his returning qualities, but with confidence, he is still a lethal striker in nature. Our top scorer also always gives his best and is a hard worker. I can see him give more to the club next season.


Ramires: If I can just put in one more name, Ramires would be it. He is a key player with his energy and pace. If Luiz had not been that brilliant, Ramires would be in.

Cahill: A decent CB, but needs to improve and be more consistent.

Bertrand: Has the potential qualities, but needs to improve and be more consistent.

Mikel: Our only true DM, but didn't receive much game time this season to show his true qualities.

Oscar: Has great skills and tricks, but not so much with his vision, and so he needs to learn more.

Ba: Great positioning, but recently his finishes has been lacking as well.

End of Season Review: Part 1

          Another season ends yet again...

Amazing Rafael Benitez

          The unsung hero of our season. He probably didn't receive as many praises as he deserved, but here I would give him all my best. One key strength of that man is none other than professionalism. When he took over from Robbie, he probably received one of the worst receptions in history of football, and in a big club with no small amount of pressure. Fast forwarding 6 months later, and suddenly we saw him with the Europa League, third place in the Premier League, and receiving applause from fans. That is what determination and spirit can get you. He decides to be professional and ignore all possible negative receptions and just focus on his job, and with his brilliance as his weapon, he managed to show what he can do.
          It was a bit unfortunate that his great talent was not to be ours, but perhaps it never is, and we have another special man out there. But he did get something out of this as well, after his tenure at Inter, this probably improved his CV and secured himself as one of the top managers in Europe, and now he got his position in Napoli (congratulations to him!). Now we're back in contention for the Champions League, in a great spirit to challenge the Premier League, records were broken, players improved, and we look set to start of next season with high hopes.
          One thing we should always admire of Rafa Benitez, is that he managed to turn boos to applause in six months, and for that we shall give him one last sign of gratitude and wish him all the best in the future.

King of Europe?

          Recently, we hadn't been one of the clubs to look up to in England. But we certainly have something to show in Europe. Last year was probably a historic moment to win the UCL. But this year was no less great with the Europa League in our hands. And for 10 days, we hold both  European trophies which none have ever did, probably showing what we are and what we can do, and yes, we will be back for more.

Transition Era?

          I personally feel that recent seasons was our transition era. With managers still changing, players coming in and out, and not a stable team was presented consistently. Young players like Mata, Hazard and Oscar came in and they looked to steal the show from the old guards, and they present themselves as worthy successors to the clubs attacking engine. Some like Azpilicueta and Luiz also settled in the first team and replace old guards such as Drogba, Malouda, Ferreira who were pioneers of our success in the last few years. So now, perhaps the team is pretty much settled, and we look set to start a new generation of Chelsea Football Club.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May Discussion

          5 wins and 1 draw in this final month ensured our champions league involvement next season, and also earned us another European title to be proud of...

Premier League & Europa League

          Even with a record-breaking 69 games that we played this season, our boys didn't even seem to dampen in spirit as we earned ourselves 3 wins and 1 draw in the premier league to seal third place and champions league involvement. It was good that United had already won, so it was perhaps our win for the taking, but the game against Spurs was a bit unfortunate, as we could have sealed it there. Nevertheless, the draw kept us ahead, and a victory against Aston Villa ensured our top four spot, and against Everton for third.
          Earlier this month we won against Basel to earn ourselves another European final, and last week we finished the job that won us another European title to hold. In fact, until the Champions League final are played, we will be holding two European titles, which is something we can brag about to others. We were always favorites to win, but the road to the title wasn't easy, and it certainly is another silverware to be proud of.

Special Boys

          By 'special boys', I meant our player of the year, our top scorer, and record-breaker. Juan Mata, on his second season in Chelsea, just earned himself his second player of the year award, obviously because of his vision, ability, skills, goals scored, assists, and consistency. That is a lot of talent for one player, and Mata has it all. What a great pleasure it is for the club to have a player like him.
          Despite all the criticism and negative statements around him, Fernando Torres actually ended this season being our top goalscorer in all competitions. Even though he struggled at times, but when injected with confidence, he performed brilliantly, and yet he is always hardworking. Recently, his performances scored us several important goals, and his body language suggests that he is playing with confidence again. He was key to our Europa League trophy as he scored 6 goals in the process. He deserved the silverware to claim his own, and we will need him to keep performing in the coming season.
          10 days ago, Frank Lampard broke Bobby Tambling's 202 goal record by scoring his 202nd and 203rd goal against Aston Villa. It was such a monumental moment and glorious feeling as can be seen by the celebration of Frank himself, the players, and mostly, the fans. There was further joy as Lampard earned himself a one-year contract extension (I had hoped for more, actually) to serve the club for at least another year. He is such a professional, and is a great player, being able to play at this level, at this age. We will need his skills and experience if we are to challenge for the premier league title next season.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Discussion: Part 2.2


11. Oscar: Brilliant at times, but not as menacing as Hazard or Mata.

12. Mikel: Did well when called upon, but lose out in my eleven due to Lampard and Luiz' brilliance in recent games.

13. Moses: Performed excellently in recent games, and scored some important goals too.

17. Hazard: The player that all teams fear, because you never know what you're gonna get from this guy. He's the most unpredictable of the three.

19. Ferreira: Called once as a left back, but performed well nevertheless.

24. Cahill: Was out injured for most of the month, but performed well in the game against Swansea.

26. Terry: Nothing more can be said about this man. We need him. Was a presence at the back, yet scored some important goals too.

28. Azpilicueta: Practically cemented his place at RB, only rotated once in a while with Brana to get some rest.

29. Ba: Scored some wonderful goals and important ones too, but not the striker we can rely on every time.

30. Benayoun: Need to learn and link up more with the players. And needs more game time as well.

34. Bertrand: Improved compared to last month's performances. Cole was injured and he deputised well this time.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Discussion: Part 2.1

Frank Lampard after scoring against Swansea

Starters (4-2-3-1):
Cech (GK)
Azpilicueta (RB)
Ivanovic (CB)
Terry (CB)(c)
Cole (LB)
Luiz (CM)
Lampard (CM)
Moses (RW)
Mata (AM)
Hazard (LW)
Torres (ST)



1. Cech: Never doubted his skills. Made several more spectacular yet crucial saves in the past month. Really top class.

2. Ivanovic: Won a place in my eleven due to Luiz' brilliance in midfield and Cahill's absence. But still a proper CB anyway. Azpi performed better at RB than Brana.

3. Cole: Missed out several games due to injury, but performed as good as ever when available.

4. Luiz: Again a maestro in midfield as he played several creative passes and assists (including one long assist for Torres against Rubin), and had some excellent goals as well. Decent CM.

7. Ramires: Always a menace to our oppositions, and a wonderful player. Unlucky to miss out due to Luiz' brilliance and Lampard's strong presence in midfield.

8. Lampard: Consistent performances in all games. Great assists, including the one for Torres against Rubin. Always brilliant when called upon and unfortunate not to have matched Sir Bobby Tambling's record by now. One more to go, dear friend.

9. Torres: Brilliant in the games against Rubin Kazan, and played with sheer confidence in the games after. Was it the mask?

10. Mata: A bit turned off in some games. Perhaps he needed a rest, but now and then always a constant menace and always with a vision. Oscar did not performed as well, so Mata gets the spot.