Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Word about Euro 2012: Personal Opinion

09 June 2012 01.08 GMT+7

       Events such as Euro and World Cups have always been something else...something special for, not just football fans, but all the people around the world. But personally, I feel there is always something fishy going on in these games...somehow. No offense to you readers who love these competitions a lot.

       Anyway, the other thing is, I don't know which country to support...I used to support England, because I like the Premier League a lot. But now, given Lampard and Cahill not participating, and with England's recent form in tournaments not being so good, I'm starting to doubt supporting them. I guess I'm more of the loyal-to-club kind of thing.

       I don't really favor or support any countries in tournaments, instead I may as well support teams with Chelsea players in it, the way Ramires does. For this competition, I guess I may still support England, and also Spain for the fact that Torres & Mata will have a great chance of playing. For the world cup, I have my sights set on Brazil, also following the fact that there are lots of Chelsea players, including possibly, Hulk. Oh, and if Belgium will be playing, that's one for me too, and I believe you'll know why now.

       I'm not trying to inject the feeling I feel about Euro as I always had with Chelsea. But, sorry, I don't fancy the tournament that much and I don't favor any team to win. Don't know about you guys, but I'm just sharing my opinion here. But if I have to choose, it'll be Spain & England.

Oh, and btw, have you guys checked out our 2012/2013 away kit? Love it!! #CFC