Saturday, 20 October 2012

Tottenham 2 - 4 Chelsea: Three-point Lane is Back!!

Saturday 20-10-2012 21.43 GMT+8

EPL; Tottenham Hotspur's Vs Chelsea, Clint Dempsey; Juan Mata

          Three-point Lane is Back!! It looks so, but honestly it has been such an intensely spectacular London Derby yet again. Honestly, after 2 weeks of no Premier League action, I was so badly waiting for this game, and it didn't disappoint. And, although they never admit this, I bet AVB has that special feeling to want to beat Chelsea, but he failed. No hard feelings for him, but this was an important game, and well done to RDM, we earned a great win once again.

          The line-up was pretty much as expected, although we were without JT, and Lampard was also on the bench.The armband went to Cech once again, who performed excellent once again, and was key to our comeback on the night. The surprise probably was in the home side line-up, who was without Gareth Bale (Thank God), and also Dembele. Without them, their threat was limited, and certainly we looked the stronger side at the beginning.

          The first half was a fine start. The atmosphere was so very lively, I can hear the crowd so loud even only watching in my laptop. We limited the home side's threat in the first half, and we looked pretty solid and confident. The goal by Gary Cahill was spectacular, smashed hard towards the goal.

          The start of the second half was disappointing. We were basically asleep, and after that equalising goal, even until after the second goal by Defoe, we were panicking and the momentum was in Tottenham all the way. I just hoped that the heat died down as soon as possible. An in time it did, and it took Cech so many excellent saves to keep us in the game. And without a proper leader in the team, our boys had to lift themselves up, and amazingly they did. Juan Mata scored a proper second goal, and the third goal came in quick succession too, also by Juan Mata. The goal came by a smart series of passes by our creative attacking players. Torres had a chance, but it was a good effort nevertheless. We held the game out, and Sturridge put's the game beyond doubt, but it was the fashionable Mata who set up his goal.

          Mata was once again 'Man of the Match', and I am now so very impressed by his consistent outstanding performance week in, week out. He scored two and assisted one tonight. Players can be outstanding, players can be consistent, but to be consistently outstanding is just Amazing!! Tons of credit for Juan Mata. His quick feet, smart passes, excellent through balls, is such an asset for the team. And to be able to connect with Hazard & Oscar too, the three become such a creative attacking trident for Chelsea, who by winning this game, certainly sends out a strong statement to the other clubs. And if there were a second 'Man of the Match', it should have been Cech, who made so many unbelievable saves to keep us in the game, and to give time for the players up to front to put us back in the lead an win the game.

          So, our unbeaten run continues, and AVB failed to win against his former club, and ironically, three of our goals came from his signings, and the last goal set up by one too, scored by a player once trusted so much in his era, Daniel Sturridge. No hard feelings, and hopefully we'll keep a good, friendly, competitive relationship with him. So, we extended our lead again, with our position strong at the top with 22 points out of 8 games. Next we play Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine in midweek for a Champions League clash. Let us hope we can bring this positive result there. #CFC


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

FC Nordsjaelland 0 - 4 Chelsea: Not as Easy as it Looks

03-10-2012 20.13 GMT+8

CL - Group E, NORDSJAELLAND-CHELSEA, Juan Mata and Jesper Hansen

          The scoreline may have reflected what seemed to be an emphatic win of the Blues in Copenhagen. But those who did not watch would have not known how difficult it actually is to break down the Danish Champions. In the end, the score was 4 - 0 and it was such an important result, considering we have drawn our first UCL game against Juventus.

          There were several changes made, including JT and Hazard on the bench, however manager RDM still brings on a strong squad, and manages to rotate players while still getting the results, which is good. Ramires once again started in the central position alongside captain for the night, Frank Lampard. The three players playing behind Torres are Moses, Mata, and Oscar.

          The game throughout was very much open. The hosts always tried to play their football, as we want to ourselves. It was becoming such an open game and chances flow on both ends of the field. However, mistake for the hosts maybe is that they are too open, that our first goal came when Fernando managed to grab the ball from a defender, and with their defense spread out, our number 9 picked up Lampard who played a smart through ball for Mata who slotted it well to the far side of the goal.

           The second half itself wasn't very much different. It was very much open and both teams had chances to score. The hosts were looking for an equalizer, and nearly got one if not for a masterclass save by Cech, and Cole got the block too. We also managed to get chances, but not the goals, not until in the 79th minute when we got a free kick. David Luiz took the shot and strikes it well to the back of the net. It was very much a Ronaldo-esque free kick. With us leading 2 goals, it seems we can relax more, but turns out we got 2 more goals by Mata again (just before being replaced), and Ramires who only needed to tap in from a smart pass by Oscar.

          Credit to Nordsjaelland who played their football quite well and managed to produce some chances too. But in the end they were broken down, and we managed three in the final 10 minutes. Perhaps it was due to fatigue, but they only got themselves to blame, as they had to be prepared if they want to play in this high level competition.

          The Chelsea players were performing well once again, and kept being resilient to find that second goal. And if you observe, besides Luiz's free kick, all our goals tonight are a work of smart passes, more like Barcelona's goals. The passes we did and the football we played are becoming quite entertaining to watch and if you observe, I guess we played more and more like Barcelona, just with more conviction and strength in the defense I suppose. That's what makes us a proper challenger for, not just the UCL title, but also the BPL, FA cup, etc. And once again I have special praise for Juan Mata, who, unbelievably, managed to once again performed outstandingly in a consistent manner. In almost every game he managed to pull off something special. Well, done, our number 10.

          So, with a win in the UCL, now we are back on track, and now we can switch our focus back to the premier league, where we aim to strengthen our position at the top of the table. And it continues this Saturday when we take on Norwich City at the Bridge. Hope we can continue our winning streak then. #CFC