Sunday, 26 August 2012

Chelsea 2 - 0 Newcastle United: A Casual Win

Sunday, 26-08-2012 22.42 GMT+8

Eden Hazard - Fernando Torres (Chelsea vs Newcastle)

           It was looking more and more like a casual win, after what had happened in previous games. Emphasised in this game, is the fact that this win is against a much tougher opposition, and our attacking play have grown to be more ‘beautiful’ than last season. Add to that, the combination of trio Hazard, Mata, and Torres is marvelous. Those three may be the key to winning silverware this season. And Hazard seemingly got ‘Man of the Match’ again, at least according to

          The match seemed an intense game before it started. But the first half was totally ours, and the second half went smoothly with no intense threat from Newcastle. A great play by Torres to set up our third penalty in as many games, to be taken well by Hazard who scored his first Chelsea goal. Then by the 44th minute, Hazard repaid his (Torres’) effort by flicking a smart back heel, for Torres to shoot well towards the top corner. They both combined well and are looking sharp.

          The second half was not so intense, with our team set for another win, and Newcastle not giving much of a fight. It also took Cech another excellent save in the final minutes to earn himself another clean sheet.

           The game looked more like a casual win, but things to see clearly in this game, is as I had stated earlier. We had turned more to a possession, flick, smart pass play, compared to last season’s direct, physical play. Yet we also managed to keep our defence organised and strong as well. So far I had seen, the key players that may be our stars for this season, is the trio Hazard, Mata, and Torres, who all have performed very well in our opening games, and managed to link-up with one another very well.

         Here is a link to what Ashley Cole had said, it is a great perception to how Chelsea is now:

          Next game for us is not in the BPL, it is another one of those silverware to win, the European Super Cup, against Atletico Madrid. So, let’s see if we can win our first silverware this season. Hope the trio can perform well next game. #CFC

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chelsea 4 - 2 Reading: First Win Back at The Bridge

Thursday, 23-08-2012 04.58 GMT+8

EPL: Fernando Torres, Chelsea v Reading

          A match between the champions of Europe against the champions of the Championship. Should have been an easy win, but no. Once again, the new promoted sides showed that they can be troublesome, just as what happened with Manchester City last Sunday. We managed though, in the end, with a scoreline of 4 - 2, giving us another important win, back at The Bridge, this time, in front of our very own supporters.

          I only managed to watch just past the half hour mark until the end. When I first saw, I was heartbroken looking at a scoreline of 1 - 2 in favour of the away side. It is not an ideal scoreline for a first home game. However, as the game goes on, I noticed that we kept attacking, looking for a win. At one time, I saw the number of goal attempts on the second half being 10 - 0 in favour of the home side. 

          As I didn't watch the first half, I can't give many comments. Although I did take note, that our penalty goal, taken well by Lampard, was again created by Eden Hazard. However, soon after it was a turn for the worse, with the away side scoring 2 goals, and we are unable to find another until the interval.

          As I watched the second half, and perhaps from the start of it, we kept attacking wave after wave to find the equalising goal. And it came, with a marvellous long-range strike by Gary Cahill. I was totally impressed and joyful. We kept on attacking to find the winner, and a good link-up play by the players up front too, passing to one another, until we managed to find a 3rd goal, netted in by our number 9, Fernando Torres. In the final minutes, Reading tried to find an equaliser, with their goalkeeper also attacking for a last minute corner. However, they are punished, as our great counter-attacking move, ended with a goal by Branislav Ivanovic.

          Great performance by Hazard again, with 3 assists this time. He certainly earned the man of the match. And it was great to see that the link-up play between the players up front, namely Hazard, Mata, Torres, Oscar, Lampard, even Sturridge, and to realise that most of them are bright young players with a whole future ahead of them. And it's just their first home game of the season. It was honestly very pleasing to see. The way they play their passes, creative play to find the equalising and winning goal.

          It was definitely a big, big thing to win our first home game of the season. A big morale bonus, and we certainly hope it will carry on to the games ahead, the next one being another home game, this time against rising force, Newcastle United. Hopefully our players can show another remarkable link-up plays and with our defence pulling off a solid performance. It will be great to win our next home game. #CFC


Hazard: The catalyst for nearly all of Chelsea's most incisive attacks produced another delighful contribution that oozed star quality. Won the early penalty when he twisted past Gunter in a carbon copy of the spot-kick he won against Wigan at the weekend. Set up Cahill for the second and showed great selflessness to tee up Ivanovic for the late fourth.



Sunday, 19 August 2012

Wigan 0 - 2 Chelsea: A Good Start After All (In the BPL)

Sunday, 19-08-2012 22.49 GMT+8
Lampard, Wigan Vs. Chelsea

          We may have a not so good start of the season with a loss in the Community Shield game last week. But the start of the BPL turns out to be good after all. The scoreline was probably as anyone would have expected. Although, I have to admit, the game, after the first two goals, certainly looked quite boring and passive, with no intensity, determination, and passion to score more goals. However, positives can be seen in the performances of our new signings, and also several others too.

          The squad that was chosen is also, pretty much, as expected. With only Bertrand replacing the injured Ramires, the less obvious of the starting XI. The alternative kit, was, admittedly, pretty cool. A win was necessary for this match, as a loss would certainly crush our spirits and morale for the upcoming games to come. It was great to win this, although not so convincingly.

          The 10 minutes of the game was lively and intense. Hazard prove a great summer signing, creating both goals of the game. He supplied the through pass for Ivanovic to score a 2nd minute goal, followed by a penalty given by Hazard, for Lampard to take and slot it home as he always does. However, after that, the game looked less lively and passive, with Chelsea probably feeling more comfortable, with no determination to add more goals to the tally.

          The second half was pretty much the same, only Wigan had more and more chances, and  requiring our defence to be more concentrated. To be fair, we got lucky most of the time too, Wigan had lots of chances, however they are unable to find a clinical finish. Oscar was introduced to replace Hazard, and he certainly showed great energy and determination, as well as some tricky skills, showing what he is capable of. Torres also had a great chance. He looked lively and played better, only to find luck is not yet on his side. Hopefully that will change.

          A win for a start of the season is definitely great. And although it wasn't a convincing win, there were many positives to take. Namely, Hazard proved his worth, also earning the 'Man of the Match' on his BPL game debut. Oscar also showed what he is capable of. Torres seemingly looks hungry on for goals. And although there were several untidiness in the passes, it was overall a good performance, for a side who looks to add a new dimension to their style of play. We play against Reading next in midweek, and hopefully we can also win our first home game of the season. #CFC


Monday, 13 August 2012

Chelsea 2 - 3 Manchester City: Not a Good Start

Monday, 13-08-2012 12.07 GMT+8

FA Community Shield - Manchester City v Chelsea, Samir Nasri

          I didn't manage to watch this match, which I was actually so enthusiastic about, looking at a nearly brand new Chelsea playing our first competitive game. I came back and saw on Facebook that Fernando Torres scored, so I managed a big smile, thinking, "This is it. This is the moment Torres will take the stage and bring victory to Chelsea". But when I opened, my smile suddenly turned into a frown looking at an unwanted scoreline saying: Chelsea 2 - 3 Manchester City.

          I managed to watch the highlights, and also read the match report from CFC website. Well I guess I can formulate some theories of my own, and imagined what had happened. We started well, with Torres scoring a classy finish from a good play by Ramires. But then the turning point came soon after, with Ivanovic receiving a red card from what looks like a two-footed tackle. Can't blame him really, but unfortunately that seemed to work Man City's way. Guess everybody has his bad days too, unfortunately for Ivanovic and Chelsea, it came today.

          With only ten men left, and no proper right-back playing, City managed to pull three back in the second half with goals from Yaya Toure, Tevez, and Nasri. Our consolation goal came from youngster Ryan Bertrand who rebounded Sturridge's shot which was blocked by City goalkeeper Pantilimon.

         To be fair, I guess City did play better than Chelsea. This is nearly a new Chelsea trying to play a different style than the physicality of Drogba and co. last season. We are still trying to find the rythm of playing which we must ASAP if we are to challenge for the title in the upcoming season ahead. City had no new players, and with a squad who have been together for quite some time, they managed to find their rythm easily and the BPL champions finished us off, winning their first silverware this season.

          On the Chelsea side, I guess Hazard is still new to the BPL, and needs to be given some time. Torres has proven well, as he will be our main striker for the season, but Sturridge showed that he is capable of something too. The old guard of Terry, Cole, Lampard must be stronger and make less mistakes, and provide inspiration for the new boys. Bertrand performed well, which is also another good sign.

          Hopefully, in out opening BPL match against Wigan, we can play better. A win in that game will be a morale bonus, losing will surely be psychologically bad. And with our youngsters performing well, coach RDM will have a good enough squad to challenge for, just needed to make the right decisions for the games. Can't wait for next week though. #CFC