Tuesday, 4 June 2013

End of Season Review: Part 3

          What next for the club?

Faria and Mourinho

Return of the Special One

        We just received confirmation that 'The Special One' a.k.a Jose Mourinho, has just been confirmed to return to Stamford Bridge and take over as next season's first team manager. Now this is probably the best news in years, and one that fans have been wondering if it will ever happen. And thankfully, here he is, back in the club, not just as a manager, but also as a fan.
          There were some quotes from his first interview that I find touching. One include, "This is the first time in my career that I've arrived at a club that I already love", which probably shows why, as he had said himself, that the decision to return here was an easy one. Another one I like is, "I'm one of you", claiming that he is also like one of us, a fan. These words certainly showed his love to the club. How great it is to have a brilliant manager with such love and commitment to lead the club.
          While he's been away, he has been going places here and there and winning trophies too, and I would love to believe that he has matured and earned lots of valuable experiences out there, and is now ready to put all his strengths and experiences to the club. 
          He is also now one step ahead as he knew about the club, the players believe in him, and the fans love him, which is a great way to start. There have been many talks about signing new players, but personally, I feel the squad is good enough, and with Jose on the helm, he will work things out, and bring the best out of them. Any new signings will be great, but I am not too psyched about it. I see a great future already with this manager, the talented young players, and the commitment and determination of the whole squad. And with the love and support from the fans, we, Chelsea Football Club, will do great things next season!! #blueisthecolour

"I'm one of you" -Jose Mourinho

Note: The end of a football season usually corresponds to start of summer movie season, hence after this, I will be focusing on my other blog for now. Unless there are special news that I want to say, this blog will be inactive, until the start of next season. So check back again next season, and I'll see you then. Thanks! Have a great summer, and keep the blue flag flying high!

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