Tuesday, 4 June 2013

End of Season Review: Part 2

          Squad of the season...

Benfica v Chelsea

Starters (4-2-3-1):

Cech (GK): An obvious choice, and proven so as he pulled off many spectacular and important saves throughout the season. Under pressure or not, he is always ready and he showed us why he is great.

Azpilicueta (RB): Struggled to make the team at first, but soon began to settle in the first team, and has the perfect qualities to be a decent full back for the club.

Ivanovic (CB): Stronger as a centre-half than a full back, but has qualities to be both. Strong presence in the back, good physical qualities, and yet possesses the ability to score goals too. Outmatched Cahill due to his strengths and consistencies.

Terry (CB)(c): Captain, Leader, Legend. No other words to describe this man, as time to time, he showed why we still need him, although his successors are standing ready right behind him.

Cole (LB): Another season, Ash, another season. The best left back in the world is not to leave us yet, and his contract is extended again. Bertrand still need to learn if he is to replace this man in the future.

Luiz (CM): The most versatile player in the squad, capable of playing in many positions, yet I feel his best is to come as a midfielder. His defensive qualities can be put to use, yet his creativity and skillful passes will be of good use to start an attack. And God, what a great free kick taker too.

Lampard (CM): As he broke a record, his dream continues as he will serve another year with the club. A true athlete, and probably Chelsea's best player in the last decade. What  a great man to have in the team.

Moses (RM): The least convincing player I have to put in this list. He definitely showed what he was capable of and I believe he is the best man in this position, yet his lack of consistency is what troubles me and I feel he should improve that.

Mata (AM): Luiz would have been my player of the season if not for this man. Second highest scorer, top assists, what more could we ask for. He is creative, skillful, and most of all, has a great vision. This man will be key for our future endeavors.

Hazard (LM): The best signing of the season. He is our most explosive player, and is able to create goals out of nothing. A great player, on the wide or centre, a great dibbler, and is able to break down defences.

Torres (ST): Many may still doubt his returning qualities, but with confidence, he is still a lethal striker in nature. Our top scorer also always gives his best and is a hard worker. I can see him give more to the club next season.


Ramires: If I can just put in one more name, Ramires would be it. He is a key player with his energy and pace. If Luiz had not been that brilliant, Ramires would be in.

Cahill: A decent CB, but needs to improve and be more consistent.

Bertrand: Has the potential qualities, but needs to improve and be more consistent.

Mikel: Our only true DM, but didn't receive much game time this season to show his true qualities.

Oscar: Has great skills and tricks, but not so much with his vision, and so he needs to learn more.

Ba: Great positioning, but recently his finishes has been lacking as well.

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